New weight low… but not too much

I hit a new weight low this morning. I weigh equal or less than what I did when I was 16. [Ok I’m not sure if I weighed myself with clothes on or not when I was 16, and the scale was not as precise as the digital one I use now.] My height is still the same.

My body mass index is well within the normal range. The loss of weight is not more than one pound per week and possibly less. I’m not trying to lose weight at all. I’m trying to stay consistent and disciplined but that is not difficult for me because I’ve trained for so many years. In fact its enjoyable. I feel like I’ve attained my Lifetime Diet. I could easily continue this for the rest of my life. I wish other people would also because it would help them and it would help the world.

It would help others – it would help you – in many ways. It would make you feel better. It would make you healthier. It would possibly heal many things with you and prevent many others. It would help you mentally and definitely spiritually.

By helping you it would help the world. It also helps the world because it makes you more peaceful and less aggro. It also consumes vastly fewer resources and has a vastly lower ecological impact. It prevents suffering. Another way to say all this: It is wise and compassionate.

There are a lot of things that can make people feel bad related to eating too much. Eating a little but less actually makes one feel better.

I’m eating very healthily. That is the key to it all. One thing you can do when you’re hungry which works really well is to remember something really wholesome and nourishing which you recently ate and which made you feel satiated, and just replay that wholesome, satiated feeling back in your brain. I swear this works! Reminisce on that really good, full feeling and your craving will go away. You have to re-train your brain from the ground up.

With regard to diet, the largest thing I consume calorie-wise each day is a large bowl of Himalayan parboiled red rice which is usually around 600 calories.

I eat a lot of raw organic walnut halves, usually about 7-8 halves at a time, and usually with 3-4 dates and a banana. I may have 2-3 of these little 200-300 calorie banana/date/walnut snacks per day. Notice I’m not a smoothie person. I do not have a juicer, mixer, nor blender. But I would not rule these out either.

I have one large salad a day, usually mixed greens. I often put cold Christmas or other beans into the salad, or will put the beans in a small bowl and put olive oil on top of them.

I also use flax/evening primrose oil + a little bit of apple cider vinegar on the salad, and just the oil on the rice.

Breakfast is usually a small amount of quick oats and two teaspoon of chia seeds which I grind, and optional ground flax seeds as well (but I get enough flax from the oil).

I usually drink 1-2 cups, fairly large, of tea per day, although I may have 3. Coffee generally does not agree with me but I will have it with unsweetened soymilk on occasion.

I also will have a small, baby glass of unsweetened soymilk now and then during the day or in the evening.

Because I eat so pure my teeth do not get really gross and covered with plaque, although I do brush them regularly and also clean my gums regularly with either one of those small plastic pics available in drugstores or with water-pick type device I have at home.

I like to have a good walk outdoors at least once a day. I also like to go for a longer hike in a natural setting at least once a week. I also like to run and try to fit it in when I can.

I also like to dance and that also is a matter of fitting it in and taking advantage of suitable opportunities to do so when they present themselves. I generally don’t like dancing or going out after dark, not even shopping. If I were to go out I generally would not want to stay much later than 01:00 since I would be really tired anyway. All that said, I like dancing during the day when its possible. Plus there’s just something more wholesome about the day.

Oh yes I almost forgot: Water. I only drink pure water. I only cook with pure water. Even when I soak my beans overnight I do so in pure water.

I do not consider water filtered through only a carbon filter such as a MultiPure to be sufficiently pure. Such water still contains fluoride unfortunately. Fluoride was added to drinking water in the United States starting in the 1950’s and the plan to do so was designed by the Department of Defense because the process of enriching uranium for the sake of making weapons produces huge amounts of fluoride waste which was causing extensive contamination. It was a way for the government to indemnify itself against lawsuits by victims of fluoride contamination.

Fluoride causes permanent brown spots to form on teeth when children ingest it. I have such spots on my teeth as do many people who live in the United States. Putting fluoride into drinking water is forced mass medication and extremely stupid. It does not provide consistent doses and it is forced on people.

Chlorine is also very bad. Sniff some chlorinated water up into your nostrils and notice how painful it feels. There’s a reason why its so painful. The human body doesn’t lie, but governments certainly do.

I know that in at least some parts of Europe tap water is exceptionally pure. That’s how its supposed to be!

Salt: I also do not use common table salt. One reason I’m glad I don’t consume processed foods or almost ever eat out is that I do not consume the toxic salt.

I only use a healthy salt such as Celtic sea salt or a pink salt which comes from the dry salt lake bed in (I believe) Utah.

Changing salt and water can change your life. Get off unhealthy salt and unhealthy water immediately.

Sun: You need Sun on your skin. You need to take off your shirt and let the warm rays of Sun bathe your body. Everything that stops you from attaining it is false and responsible for causing harm to you.

Air: You need pure air. Air pollution is damaging. People who are conscientious about wanting to not pollute need to be extra careful about exposing themselves to harm and damaging themselves. Such people are needed in the world and should consider protecting their health as important.

Peace: Peace is like air and water. Its necessary and is part of the natural, pure state. Like pure air and water it is taken away and excuses and lies are given to attempt to justify it.

Psyche: The environment one is in is important. Being exposed to audio and video can be damaging. There are many things in artificial environments which can be damaging and one should be cautious and protective of one’s self. One has to take the lead because for the most part no one else will stand up for your well being. Others may be equally or more damaged. Lead yourself to well-being and don’t be afraid to make a stand. After all, its your life.

Light, honeyed peach notes…

I love the description of this tea:

The flavor profile … is characterized by light, honeyed peach notes, and its lack of astringency.

— Golden Monkey Tea

Tried it for the first time yesterday. Drinking it again today I was trying to think how I would describe it. I think Wikipedia hits it very closely.

I don’t know if I would always want this sublime, delicate tea but it is definitely a treat to have.

8 lb for $8

Today I rode my bicycle to the farmers market and bought 8 lb of Christmas beans for $8. I cannot believe what an amazing deal that is. These beans are so incredibly nourishing and excellent tasting. I don’t know what I would ever do if I couldn’t get these beans.

They take a while to cook. Am thinking of getting an electric pressure cooker given that beans are such an essential part of my diet. One other thing that might be cool would be a soymilk machine.

I talked for a little bit with the guy who grows the beans. He is like my hero! He’s a superstar!

Also got some strawberries. The strawberries at the farmers market are the best. They surpass the ones in grocery stores. The people at the farmers market are such heroes to me.

Chanel’s new matte foundation

Chanel has just come out with a new matte foundation Le Teinte Ultra Tenue and today was the first day that I tried a sample of the liquid version. In short, its excellent. Its one of the best foundations I’ve ever used. It seems like a perfectly balanced foundation with the right combination of coverage and fluidity – not too thick and not too thin, but just right. It glides on very well but doesn’t have that overly slick, slightly greasy feeling that some foundations do.

It is a truly matte foundation. It is virtually undetectable on the skin. You can wear this foundation to improve your complexion and no one will notice you’re even wearing it.

And its an excellent base for finishing products like bronzers, blushes, highlighters, etc.

I am totally impressed by Teinte Ultra Tenue. Thanks Chanel for providing us with another truly excellent product!

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