The Wisdom Diet

It works! It really works! And its pure! And its ecological!

This morning I weighed myself and my weight is the same as it was when I was 16!

Many people, as they age, they go in the wrong direction. They gain weight. They become less healthy. Things go wrong.

But not with me! I’m going in the right direction. I’m losing weight that I never thought I would lose: that bad type of fat around the abdomen which seemed to pretty much always be there even if I was avidly working out. I’m becoming more healthy. Things are going right.

I don’t believe in what is considered normal aging. I think its a myth. I think it is an informational sickness that manifests grossly.

Researchers keep finding out that DNA has all these amazing abilities that had not previously been thought possible. I believe that anyone following the Wisdom Diet has all this power and more. Its about control of your destiny at the level of DNA in your body to the macroscopic levels of the ecological web of life that you are a part of. Its all connected, and the Wisdom Diet is a simple, pure, wholesome, easy-to-follow diet that only requires dedication.

The Wisdom Diet – also called the Agnitarian Diet – is essentially a vegan, whole-grain, sattvic, no-refined-carbs diet. It is called Agnitarian because it represents the ultimate evolution of -arianism, progressing to the highest level where it basically all becomes about the sacred fire as nourishment.

Sacred fire is what you need. Everything else is like an illusion. Ultimately when you purify, you will become closer and closer to the sacred fire in your diet. It is called the Wisdom Diet because you arrive at wisdom. You progress over time to more and more pure, wholesome, profoundly intense levels until you arrive at great wisdom and you’re completely connected.

One thing I’m noticing about the Wisdom Diet is the loss of all fear. There’s so much unconscious fear that is connected with diet. Arriving at wisdom suddenly all fear is lost and its amazing and beautiful. I no longer need to be afraid. I have arrived at light and I am become light.

Reflection on dating apps

I find dating apps sad. They break my heart.

I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about them recently. Perhaps its going through my mind in the context of the world around me which, regardless of what I’m doing or where I’m directing my life, I have to some extent be aware of.

One time I remember sitting at this cafe and there was a woman across from me who clearly appeared to be using an app, swiping and swiping over and over. Her body language just seemed like that’s what she was doing. I don’t know of many other interactions or functions that are performed on mobile smartphones where you would repeatedly swipe like that, except if it were a dating app.

She was sitting there by herself. I don’t think there was anyone else there at the time except me, sitting across from her.

She swiped for several minutes in a kind of frenzy, then just stopped and sat there kind of motionless. I guess she hadn’t found any game. Maybe she had already fucked them all or given them head and wasn’t interested in hooking up with any of them, or whatever.

The way the woman seemed to me seemed artificial. Artificial like I think of real estate. Artificial like I think of the McMansions of rich people. All this veneer and no depth. All this stuff but no meaning, no soul.

Its funny, because I once visited the page of one of the preeminent dating apps and I distinctly remember a marketing picture of this woman and this man in somewhere like Paris or London. Living the high life. Inspiring place. That kind of thing.

But it seems to me like that is compensation for the actual emptiness of what the app is. Using a mobile device to meet people seems so incredibly empty. Even more empty is throwing oneself away on someone who is using it to get laid for free.

Often when I’m out I see these women with this kind of look. I think they have some kind of subconscious guilt and feelings of low self-esteem for allowing themselves to be so thoroughly used and left empty. For having opened themselves at the deepest levels to people who only used them and then ditched them.

I can’t even imagine the stupid shit that people have done in their lives but I’m sure there’s an extensive amount of it. Its happened a few times that I was somewhere and there was a woman and there also happened to be some loser, piece-of-crap-type guy there and when he saw her he made a comment to her in a way that implied he had previously fucked her. But then the way she acted – with this avoidance and also what seemed like shame, it just seemed really sad and sickening to me.

Its sad, heartbreaking, and disgusting. It seems like the bottom line of mobile dating apps is just a harrowing kind of emptiness.

I wonder why people can’t just fucking talk to one another? Why they can’t just speak to each other and say things. Say anything. Say “Excuse me, but you seem very interesting to me and I was wondering if I could talk with you.” People never do that. I don’t think males ever, ever do that with females because of feminism having drilled it into people that that is abuse.

So males don’t talk to or approach females. But females don’t seem to talk to nor approach males. But then people use these apps.

Its a free world and I accept that anyone can do anything they want. That is what freedom means and I respect it, I have to respect it.

But I also feel very empty. I cannot imagine ever using a mobile dating app, nor ever, ever wanting to be with anyone who ever has.

Natural sleep aids for serious insomnia that really work

Non-natural over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids are, quite frankly, nasty. One of the worst medications I’ve ever used in my life was Ambien (Zolpidem) which, while it does knock you out, it seriously messes with your personality and moods the next day, to an off-the-scale extent that more than nullifies the sleep benefit. It goes into negative territory. Insomnia is better than it.  Not only that, but use of drugs in the benzodiazepam family has been found to correlate to a very high degree to the onset of alzheimers disease, especially long-term use.

For serious insomnia, which is something I had for a long time, I highly recommend the following natural sleep aids. They do not have the nasty side effects of the babylon sleep medications and they really work.

solgar liquid melatonin
Solgar Liquid Melatonin This works above all else. In a 1 ml dropper amount you get 10 mg of melatonin, which is a high amount. But if you have serious insomnia that you are having a hard time breaking, then take this at bedtime. Even if you don’t fall asleep, keep taking it at bedtime. It will get your brain and body to readjust its clock to a normal sleep pattern.

source naturals gaba calm
Source Naturals GABA Calm Taking GABA Calm with liquid melatonin really works. These two together are an excellent combination. There are a lot of things which supposedly influence the body to sleep, but only GABA and melatonin are the ones that really work to the extent to be able to treat severe insomnia.

Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Liquid Phyto-Capsules
Gaia Herbs Sleep Thru Liquid Phyto-Capsules Lately I’ve been adding this to my sleep time supplementation. I know that the herb ashwagandha is supposed to be beneficial not just for sleep but for other issues such as adrenal stress, so have been using this.

Remember that nothing is perfect.  If you use these supplements and find that they are helping, of course you may still experience issues with sleeping.  Because I had severe insomnia for so long, when these episodes would occur I would feel really bad.

One important thing is to let go of that bad feeling and accept that its ok to still occasionally have a sleep issue.  Don’t stress about it and just keep following your regimen and relying on these supplements which will work and keep you in a healthy pattern.

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