The body apparently does not absorb genetic material from food

A study from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, finds no evidence that genetic material from food is absorbed in the human body where it would e.g. be able to change the body’s ability to regulate the cholesterol metabolism or influence the immune system.

A major new study carried out by researchers from the National Food Institute has found no evidence that genetic material from the food we eat is absorbed via the intestine into the bloodstream from where it has the ability to change the body’s functions.

Technical Universit of Denmark: The body does not absorb genetic material from our food

This is guardedly good news for people concerned about consuming food products made from GMOs. It does not mean that other, non-genetic compounds in GMOs are not harmful though. For example, mutations in a soybean could lead to the production of bizarre compounds which could harm the body in multiple ways. And it is known that GMOs designed to resist pests basically integrate pesticides into their tissues, so while such foods may e.g. damage your liver or kidneys or screw up your reproductive system, at least their mutated genetic material will not merge with your genetic material to mutate you.

“Living” in my apartment

“Living” in my apartment, and even being outdoors, is like being in the middle of Baghdad during the Shock-and-Awe bombing campaign. There is a constant barrage of outrageously loud booms. One vehicle that parks in the garage of my building – two floors below my apartment – is so loud it shakes the entire building.

In between the shock-and-awe there are lulls when it is quiet. But the problem is that who knows when these periods occur? If I need to study it is impossible during the shock-and-awe. Entire days are wasted, destroyed by the abuse which is the noise caused by deliberate modification of motor vehicles.

The other day I was walking and happened to pass a bus of tech workers as they were disembarking. They exited the bus and were walking to their expensive, newly-built apartments with sound insulation that adheres to much stricter levels imposed by the city since the time my building was built.

So there are people who live like that, but then all the people who live in older buildings are unprotected and subject to continuous violation. I don’t even live next to the main thoroughfares. I can’t even imagine how horrific it would be for those unfortunate victims who live in the many older buildings which line those thoroughfares, which are constantly filled with outrageously loud vehicles – boom cars with their blasting stereos and cars, trucks, and motorcycles with outrageously loud exhaust systems. Some of these vehicles can be heard 1/4 mile away or more. Some motorcycles can be heard almost a mile away.

It’s so bad my body has shifted its sleep-wake cycle and I now usually stay up until around 4 – 6 a.m. since the late night is the one time I can concentrate. But obviously this is destructive. I have to do this though in order to study.

Am trying to save up for noise-cancelling headphones – want to get a pair of expensive Sony’s – but I wonder to what extent they can help, especially when much of the noise is causing the floors and walls of my apartment to vibrate.

I can only reflect on this all and think how fucked it is. In an area that is supposed to be conducive towards brahmanic pursuits – to cultivation of the intellect and arts, and the accompanying discipline which requires quiet study and extended concentration – it is becoming increasingly difficult to cultivate this energy because the environment is decidedly hostile towards it. And yet the lies and the bullshit continue – politicians claiming how great it is here, how the tech industry is so great here.

But that’s such a lie. Having a tech industry without being able to truly provide a fertile ground for brahmanic cultivation to occur is a lie, a scam. Maybe for a time as an anomaly there will be some flourishing of tech businesses, but over the long term, under such conditions that are contrary to what is necessary to really support true science, technology, and artistic pursuits, such businesses will eventually die.

No one is talking about this. Politicians don’t want to talk about it. All they want is for real estate values to increase. Tech companies aren’t talking about it. There are massive, fundamental incompatibilities between different groups of people competing to live in the same area. Some are ignorant fuckshits who abuse thousands of people by deliberately emitting loud noises while other are pursuing intellectual, spiritual, and artistic development with their lives.

Just like the floods of illegals, or the invasion of minorities into once sustainable, healthy communities, the lowlifes are the ones who will win out in the end as those who want and need healthy, peaceful, sustainable environments retreat.

We need to stop retreating. Nothing disgusts me more than cucked people who practice pathological altruism which creates suffering, not alleviates it. This is especially inexcusable for people who have status, who have wealth and the duty and obligation to make their voices heard and stand up for things. Such people are usually too decadent to give a fuck. When things are bad for them personally they can just move.

People have a responsibility to stand up for their community. The more money and status they have, the more responsibility they have. But most are happy to let things rot while they fuck off.

Hot tubs & jacuzzis & swimming pools & … urine. Lot’s of urine.

Just sickening: New Scientific Test Finds Up To 75 Liters of Urine In Public Pools

Scientists have developed a test designed to estimate how much urine has been covertly added to a large volume of water. “The test works by measuring the concentration of an artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium (ACE), that is commonly found in processed food and passed through the body unaltered,” reports The Guardian. The findings are published in the American Chemical Society journal. From the report:

After tracking the levels of the sweetener in two public pools in Canada over a three-week period they calculated that swimmers had released 75 liters of urine — enough to fill a medium-sized dustbin — into a large pool (about 830,000 liters, one-third the size of an Olympic pool) and 30 liters into a second pool, around half the size of the first. Although the researchers were unable to confirm exactly what fraction of visitors were choosing to quietly relieve themselves in the water rather than making the shivery trip to the changing rooms, the results suggest that the urine content was being topped up several times each day. The findings make for unwelcome reading, but swimmers might find some comfort in the measurements from eight hot tubs, which were found to have far higher urine levels. One hotel Jacuzzi had more than three times the concentration of sweetener than in the worst swimming pool. In total, the team sampled 31 different pools and tubs in two Canadian cities and found ACE to be present in 100% of the samples, with concentrations up to 570 times the background level in tap water samples. They used the average ACE concentration in Canadian urine to convert their measurements into approximate volumes of urine.

As a kid I used to love going to the community pool in the Summer. I can only say that I never once urinated in the pool. It’s just something I would never even consider doing. But there are unfortunately a lot of disgusting people.

I will probably never swim at a hotel nor use a hot tub nor jacuzzi again. Ever.

35-second tea

A while back I started sampling some expensive teas just out of curiousity. Since then I found one tea that I really like. I will not write the name of it because it is a rare tea and I don’t want it to be publicized, but nonetheless it is a premium-priced tea that is basically about four times more expensive than most teas.

Initially I would just steep the tea one time and then discard it, until I found out that that is a complete waste. Because this tea – this one in particular I am using – can be steeped at least five times. Literally five times. And each successive steeping after the first is just as good.

I’ve been experimenting with timing: With teas it’s all about timing. First, after the water boils in the electric water kettle the timer is set to 2 minutes to allow the water to cool a bit.

Then the tea is steeped and I use another timer for this. The ideal amount of time depends on which number steep it is and what type of tea. For the expensive tea I found that the ideal time for the first steep is just 35 seconds. 35 seconds. That is amazing.

With my favorite regular tea – an organic Darjeeling from the Makaiban estate in Sri Lanka – I found that it is good for at least two steeps. The effectively halves the price of the tea.

With the really expensive tea, if I get five steeps that actually makes it cheaper per pound that most average teas.

It also turns out that this particular tea is the “heart attack” tea that I wrote about previously when I went bicycling after having drank over-steeped tea. It was this expensive tea that I had drank which apparently amped up my system so much that when I hit the trail on my bicycle, feeling so exuberant, that my heart started to beat extremely hard and fast and I started to feel nauseous. Having that over-steeped tea was the equivalent of 5 or more regular cups of tea!

Tea that is over-steeped like that is not really enjoyable. The flavor is just waay to overcrowded and the fine delicacy which makes tea so enjoyable is gone.

In fact that’s also why, when I first started sampling this expensive tea, I didn’t think it was actually that good. Live and learn. Or in my case, do background research on tea and learn 🙂

35-second tea. Love it!

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