Complexion, hair, and makeup

Someone said – a couple people said actually – to me that people look their best when their hair is its natural color.

Now that my hair is close – very close – not identical but close – to its natural color I think I’m starting to notice something: Because my hair is lighter, the darker areas on my face – such as around the inside of the eyes – actually look better.

With lighter hair the colors of the face seem more vibrant. So now it seems one other major benefit of getting my hair closer to its natural color, in addition to not having to worry about root touchup so much, is that I may actually look much better now with less makeup. Yes! Two birds: One stone! Maybe it was even three birds. I think it was three birds…

Now that my hair is lighter I’m wondering why I ever wanted to color it dark. Oh yes, it was to match the remaining color that was still in it. But after years I just sort of forgot about it and it became second nature to color it.

I was so overdue for a rethink, a re-encountering of my own body and its wisdom.

That said, now after all these years that I’ve gone back to almost natural, I want to deeply thank the friend of mine at the time who, when I had told her worryingly about my hair going white, she just kind of responded with “Pfft! Color it.” in this matter-of-fact sort of way.

What she was saying was: Hair color? No big deal. Just color it and forget about it. That was really cool of her and I’ll always be grateful for her advice.

And I did follow that advice for many, many years and it carried me a long ways. But now finally it has become time to rethink, to re-encounter myself and re-align myself with myself.