Hay chicas y chicos

Saw this online today, which is from material created by chrysalis.org.es

I think it’s beautiful.

Also, I don’t have a tv, but there was discussion online recently about a gay love scene on some show, and there was a screenshot of these two *really* hot guys in bed. What can you say? It’s healthy for people to love each other.

But some people feel concerned that their kids are being indoctrinated. I understand it. Maybe there’s some truth to it. Whatever one believes, kids should not be proxies in some kind of culture war between adults. I think kids should be left pure and not have sexualization forced on them at a young age as part of the agenda of some adults. But also the idea of teaching kids to accept differences is important and also educating parents and teachers about healthy sexuality is important.

Another thing is that sexual abuse of children by adults is prevalent and often that is what pushes kids to become sexualized when they’re young. To reinforce that would obviously be dangerous. People have to be careful not to harm kids but to protect them.