Really enjoying Pike Place Roast

I know maybe it’s cliche or something. Starbucks stores are everywhere. But anyhow a couple nights ago I went to a store and finally actually bought a bag of decaf Pike Place Roast pre-ground.

I’ve now made pour-overs of it at home several times and can easily say this is the best coffee I’ve ever made. I’m happy that I’ve been able to match if not exceed the excellent flavor when I buy a pour-over from a store. I would say exceed because not every time I get it from stores is it the same quality. Staff at stores often are busy and don’t have a lot of time to stand there and delicately pour the water slowly. I do. I have a timer to time my hot water to reach the right temp and I have time to pour it correctly.

Even though my stomach is highly sensitive to most coffee – I cannot tolerate it very well – I can easily drink multiple cups of my home brewed Pike Place Roast.

I’ve already made about 6 cups at home and, at $3 per store-made cup I’ve saved the cost of the bag of coffee which was around $15.

No matter what about Starbucks – how big they are or whatever – they do make really excellent coffee and also their website has a lot of cool info about coffee. In fact I just found out that one should not store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.

If I were President I would definitely have a little setup in the Oval Office where I could make pour-over Pike Place Roast for myself and for visitors. That would actually be a cool way to have meetings with visiting dignitaries and heads of state – make a pour over for them while we have our meeting.

After having my excellent, American-made pour-over coffee, they would remember me and always want to come back 🙂