Hair: Fishished!

So today I think I may have actually arrived at my final destination with my hair, which has taken many months. When I started out I was using 6GC but then one time after doing a root touch-up I saw that the color didn’t take on my roots very well.

Rather than do another treatment to try to darken the roots I decided I wanted to lighten my hair. Instead of just lightening a little bit I decided to go as light as possible to get close to my root color.

That was the beginning of a long process. In that time I’ve learned about how to bleach hair. Something I had never done before. I’ve also learned a lot about hair porousity and how that affects the coloring process.

After multiple treatments and adjustments to my hair I think I’ve arrived now at where I want to be.

The last treatment I wrote about was doing a root touch-up with 9N. That treatment also didn’t take very well on the roots so yesterday I went back to my beauty store and, with the help of a really cool person there who has been one of my guides, decided to try 8G.

8G, my new color

6GC, my starting color

This morning I have just applied the 8G and it is looking good. My hair is still drying as I’m writing this, but I can tell that the color is better now than it has been in months. The roots did absorb the color. It seems that I have to use colors a little bit darker to get my roots to aborb well, so the actual color on my roots is not 8G but probably somewhere between 8 and 9 G.

I also did two spot treatments of bleach on some resistant patches of hair the past couple days which really helped a lot in evening out the color.

After all this time I think I’ve completed the process of transition now and my hair is substantially lighter than it was before.

One nice thing about 8G is that it seems to take fairly well onto my roots. I did not leave the treatment on that long – maybe around 20 minutes.

It’s worth noting that I first started with 10, then 9, and now have settled on 8. Also, when bleaching my tendency has always been to be safe and under bleach than over bleach. I’d rather err on the side of caution.

So it’s taken a long time because the process has been gradual, but I’m actually glad I took the time, learned a lot in the process while being as gentle as possible with my hair.