The Collapse of the City

I went out on my bicycle a couple days ago through the city. I pretty much stopped bicycling but there were a couple errands I needed to run which I knew could be done fairly quickly on a bicycle.

Still it was a mistake. It’s wrong to bicycle in this city. In fact it’s probably wrong to bicycle in most cities in the United States. My use of the term “it’s wrong” is very intentional. It is immoral to ride a bicycle in this city. It is immoral to put yourself in grave danger of bodily harm. The city is overrun with retarded dumbfucks who lack basic competence in operating motor vehicles safely. Traffic laws be damned because the reality is that as the city has degenerated into a cesspool filled with illegals, irate Nazis, flunked-out losers, people in frenzies, etc. the streets are not safe spaces for bicyclists.

Add to that the fairly rabid anti-bicyclist hatred that broils through media and conditions motorists to be even more hostile and careless, and it pushes it over the top. By riding a bicycle you are knowingly placing yourself in a hostile cesspool of extremely nasty shit – the shit that comprises the city which is the direct consequence of the failed policies of corrupt and incompetent politicians.

Placing all that aside for a moment, the city is a physical cesspool of unimaginably disgusting filth, literally urine and feces the overwhelming stench of which extends for block after block after block. The city is in a state of total meltdown.

I saw a woman – no doubt a tourist who had just arrived and was walking downtown – standing at a street corner grimacing in disgust with her hand covering her mouth because of the sickening stench of this glorious city, the rancid appalling shit pit it is.

I need to sell my bikes. Even outside of the city itself – outside the zone of urine and feces stench – one reads about bicyclists being killed all the time. This place is not safe. The reality is that it probably never will be because something is more fundamentally fucked than just what is addressed through lane markings, traffic laws, etc. There’s something deeply ingrained in this “culture” which is hostile and destructive, which has given complete dominion over all roadways not just to motor vehicles but to the rancid dumbfucks who operate them, which will never change.

This stinking cesspool is the result of the illegal invasion of America which has had so many wonderful benefits.

This cancer needs to be stopped immediately. If it isn’t it will spread through the entire country.