Curly hair secret weapon

I usually wash my hair at night before bed. I typically use Redken’s Curvaceous Lo Foam shampoo and then Acure’s Hydrating Conditioner which is rich in argan oil. When my hair is damp I then run Redken’s Curvaceous Curl Refiner through the hair and then use and one other styling product such as a small amount of AG Haircare’s Recoil, Deva Curl’s Styling Cream, Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Wave, or other products. I clip my hair up on top and let it dry. I sleep with my head resting on a small buckwheat pillow so that my hair doesn’t get too messed up.

The next morning my hair will be dry and will have curl locked in, but usually the shape is not what I want. Overnight the hair can become kinky in odd ways. Sometimes I actually think it looks cool, but usually I need to do something with it.

Since I don’t use a heavy amount of styling product nor gels which can make hair stiff, the hair is usually soft in the morning. In order to get it under control I use my own custom spray mixture.

In a spray bottle filled with water I add Curvaceous Curl Refiner and AG Haircare’s Spray Gel. Spray Gel is very powerful, so powerful I don’t like to use it straight from the spray dispenser it comes in. Instead I mix it into my custom spray mixture. It imparts enough of a holding property to the spray that I can basically start to shape my hair exactly the way I want it. The hair is soft yet has enough hold to keep its shape.

These two products go great together to create a custom touch-up/styling spray. This is my secret weapon.

One lesson to learn from this is that while a product may be too strong to use on its own, it still can be a powerful tool. You can always dilute products or mix them with other products.