I don’t eat a lot of soy. But I *do* eat soy.

Was having a convo with someone earlier and they recommended that I stop consuming soy.  We were discussing many things and it was only in passing that it was mentioned, so we didn’t get into it in any more detail.

But now I’m still thinking about it.  I just think: I don’t understand there being anything wrong with soy.  I love soy.  I’ve eaten and loved soy products for most of my life.  I love unsweetened organic soymilk.  I absolutely love tempeh as one of my all-time favorite foods.

That said, I’m not a big fan of tofu.  I can have a few pieces of it in miso soup or something, but I just don’t really like it that much.  Some time ago I would make this vegan pudding which called for using really soft tofu and it was really good.  The reason I stopped making it was because of the sugar, not the tofu.  Actually that type of tofu – the really soft, silky kind, seems a lot better than the really firm kind.  It tastes better.  It’s easier to digest.  I don’t really like the firm kind.  So I could see there being something about soy if it were regarding firm tofu, which is probably like the less digestible solids that come from soy.

But what you get in soymilk or the really soft tofu is different.  It tastes great.  I actually love that last bit of semi-solid stuff at the bottom of a soymilk container.  It’s like the cream.

Other than that, I also don’t really like edamame.  I do not like stuff like soy nut snacks.  And nothing I eat contains soy additives like soy protein isolate.

I would think that a baby would not consume soy milk because it is still feeding from mother’s milk.  Sligthly older I would like organic unsweetened soy in small amounts would be very healthy.

So yeah, I’m not sure what the big issue is with soy.  I may make tempeh a couple times per week and one package is enough for two meals.  I buy a half-gallon of unsweetened organic soymilk and it usually lasts at least a week.  I usually add it to porridge and once in a while I drink a small glass of it, maybe 150 ml.  In addition I’ve been enjoying flax milk and sometimes macadamia milk as a special treat.  I avoid almond milk because the almond industry – big, grubby, agribusiness – is fucked.  I don’t want to support them.  They also waste huge amounts of precious water and manage to bribe public officials so they can hog all the water.

I’ve never had any kind of reaction to soy and I know my body pretty well.  I know that a lot of the anti-soy stuff originally started as a black PR campaign by the dairy and or meat industries.  I guess many people don’t realize that there is a lot of black PR that occurs which targets healthy foods and diets.  Google News is a good tool to view the black PR if you’re into it (search for the news topics “vegan”, “vegetarian”, or “organic” to see a lot of the black PR.)  I’m not really interested in tracking it.  I know that there is a lot of demonic, satanic stuff going on and I just ignore it.  I think people should speak up about it but I guess not enough people care.  I’ve given up trying to combat the satanic shit that occurs even though I know it’s going on and that people are being deceived.

I’m sure they can pay “researchers” to inject rats with high amounts of soy products and induce cancer in them.  That’s how disgusting it is and it’s already well known how much lying occurs with research.