My tea from China arrived today

I know a lot of teas actually come from China, but today the package of the first-ever tea which I ordered directly from China arrived. It is a premium-grade Phoenix Dan Cong oolong.

I put it in a Japanese tea container (chazutsu = cha (tea) + zutsu (cylinder)) but have not yet tried it because I’m still only halfway through the use of a teaball of another Dan Cong which I bought locally and which is nearly double the price. I can sometimes get as many as 4 steeps of Dan Cong from one teaball.

Upon inspection of the tea which arrived today, it appears very similar to the one I got locally and looks similar to other high-grade Dan Cong teas which I’ve seen pictures of. It has long, dark leaves which almost look like small strips of dried wakame (kelp) and no real aroma.