Divinity the reality vs. divinity the abstraction

Divinity the reality is tied to life. Even if a being walked up in front of you and you knew it was a divinity that doesn’t mean it is still not an abstraction.

Divinity the reality is in your memory, not your cognition. What you yearn for is not an abstraction, but a reality. The abstraction may appeal to you in your present state, but what you need is a state, a state that might be in your memory (or not?).

Remember that from the perspective of divinity the future is the past and the past is the future. So what is memory then?

Memory may be part of your body which you inherited. Or it may be that divinity is what enables you to have memory in the first place.

When the world seems twisted and everything is falling apart, you can still remember and that memory is itself salvation.

So what is the memory?

For me it is very ancient. It is people living blissfully on Earth in a state of abundance and bliss. It is the memory of who we were.

So yeah, looking around at all this, it’s clear that this is not the same state of things as the memory. I accept that I’m just a traveler through this world. This world is not my home. So if the kind of divinity, the profound love and light that I’ve experienced, isn’t able to manifest in this world, then it’s ok because I know I will eventually find my true home.