Christmas Procession

I can think of nothing more profoundly moving in the human realm here on Earth than a Christmas procession at a festive Christmas mass. During the opening procession of mass it literally feels like Divinity coming in its effulgent glory. At the closing procession it is like a grand, holy, magical energy has come and is now leaving, the door to a magical world is closing.

It may seem only natural that we want to experience Divinity and that it would unquestioningly be good. But actually experiencing full-intensity divinity is difficult for us mortals because it is so brilliant, so bright that it simultaneously causes profound joy yet also a kind of sad longing.

While that intensity may be so much that it can actually feel painful, that does not mean that we should avoid it. Rather, we must immerse ourselves in it fully so that it lives in us, becomes part of us.

I pray that all that glory, all that energy and intensity lives within us, that we keep it alive in our hearts forever.

Merry Christmas!