Light, honeyed peach notes…

I love the description of this tea:

The flavor profile … is characterized by light, honeyed peach notes, and its lack of astringency.

— Golden Monkey Tea

Tried it for the first time yesterday. Drinking it again today I was trying to think how I would describe it. I think Wikipedia hits it very closely.

I don’t know if I would always want this sublime, delicate tea but it is definitely a treat to have.

8 lb for $8

Today I rode my bicycle to the farmers market and bought 8 lb of Christmas beans for $8. I cannot believe what an amazing deal that is. These beans are so incredibly nourishing and excellent tasting. I don’t know what I would ever do if I couldn’t get these beans.

They take a while to cook. Am thinking of getting an electric pressure cooker given that beans are such an essential part of my diet. One other thing that might be cool would be a soymilk machine.

I talked for a little bit with the guy who grows the beans. He is like my hero! He’s a superstar!

Also got some strawberries. The strawberries at the farmers market are the best. They surpass the ones in grocery stores. The people at the farmers market are such heroes to me.

Chanel’s new matte foundation

Chanel has just come out with a new matte foundation Le Teinte Ultra Tenue and today was the first day that I tried a sample of the liquid version. In short, its excellent. Its one of the best foundations I’ve ever used. It seems like a perfectly balanced foundation with the right combination of coverage and fluidity – not too thick and not too thin, but just right. It glides on very well but doesn’t have that overly slick, slightly greasy feeling that some foundations do.

It is a truly matte foundation. It is virtually undetectable on the skin. You can wear this foundation to improve your complexion and no one will notice you’re even wearing it.

And its an excellent base for finishing products like bronzers, blushes, highlighters, etc.

I am totally impressed by Teinte Ultra Tenue. Thanks Chanel for providing us with another truly excellent product!


This morning when I weighed myself my weight was similar to what it was when I was 16 (my height is still the same also). It was the first time that I can remember it being this low since I was 16!

The no-refined-carbs, vegan, sattvic, organic diet is really awesome.

I was just talking with my Mom about how a major part of this diet is not just not eating things, but really loving what I do eat. When I eat things I really, deeply enjoy them. Its like my body sucks every nutrient out of the food I eat, savors every tiny bit. Maybe I should call it the bliss diet because it is like eating bliss.

And I still refuse to think that there’s anything unusual or not normal about my diet or about my body. I am completely normal. My diet is completely normal. Perhaps, unfortunately, there are a lot of people who eat abnormal diets, but that does not make my normal diet abnormal. If there, unfortunately, are a lot of people with health issues, that does not make my being healthy abnormal.

I am just normal. I am the way that everyone should be. If people aren’t the way I am then they are sick for whatever reasons. I feel sad about it. I hope they don’t get angry with me because I perceive that they often do. They become hostile because their abnormal, impure, unhealthy diet gives them aggression, and that aggression often plays into cultural dynamics which are deliberately manipulated and misdirected for the sake of furthering dark agendas.

Even being aware of that, I will not fear, because I know I’m just normal and I also know that I love Earth and Earth loves me. If people are angry and aggro towards me they are being angry and aggro towards themselves and towards Earth.

As I write this I just finished my dinner which consisted of a large mixed-green salad with black lentils and flax/evening primrose oil & apple cider vinegar, then a large bowl of parboiled Himalayan red rice, probably around 500 – 600 calories also with some flax/evening primrose oil in it. Now I am cooking a huge pot of Christmas beans which I soaked overnight and will eat over the next week with salads or sometimes in a small bowl with olive oil and a small piece of Essene bread.

It seems like I can pretty much live on mixed greens, Himalayan red rice, and Christmas beans.

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