The amazing new treatment for my hair

I have found a new treatment for my hair that is amazing. It is working better than any products I’ve used to date. To tell you what it is I will use the well-known mind-puzzle. Are you ready for it? Ok…

You are born with it. Poor people have a lot of it. If you eat it you will die. And its the best thing for my hair!

Get it?

Do I have to post the spoiler below??

But I will not. If you missed out on this well-known mind puzzle, sorry! LOL

But seriously, “it” *is* turning out to be the best thing for my hair. It is what I use for shampoo, for conditioner, and for styling. My hair has the best properties after using it: It has good lift. Much better than when products weight it down. Not having lift is a major problem for my hair as it really impacts the shape.

Second, and somewhat surprisingly, it has really good curl. Especially in the front where it tends to lose curl with too much product.

Third, the texture is excellent. It is natural. Its not sticky, goopy, slick, or tacky. Its just soft and natural.

This mystery “thing” is turning out to be the best thing for my hair.

I also was wondering about something recently. When I had my genetic test done it said that my percentage of Neanderthal DNA is slightly higher than normal. So now I’m wondering if my hair is part of that Neanderthal DNA? If so, I’m really happy because I’m guessing that the Neanderthals were nice people – although maybe not? Weren’t they intense hunters? Were any of them vegetarian? Did they eat mostly fish or…? (Fish-eating ancestors are cool).

I think some of the old bigotry from Homo sapiens towards Neanderthals might still exist today. I notice how frequently mistreated or subject to disdain I am because of my hair. Perhaps it is the Homo sapiens’ dissing of the poor Neanderthals being replayed over and over again?

I still don’t understand why my hair type is so rare. At one time it was very popular to the point that people even wore wigs to have their hair look like mine. There must be some kind of subtext about what all this means and what is going on.

But to the boring straight-haired bitches that give me nasty looks and judge me because of my hair: God made me this way. Fuck you.

Trying to go blonde

So the last few times I touched up my roots I’ve noticed that the color didn’t take quite as well, leaving a markedly distinct band where the hair is lighter closer to the scalp. The last few times I did root touchups I did it on damp hair, thinking it wouldn’t matter. Perhaps it does matter after all. I was told yesterday by one professional that it really does matter.

Anyhow, because of the lighter band of hair, I decided to deal with it not by darkening the area near the roots to correct it, but to try to lift the color on the remaining part of my hair to match the lighter color.

Went to the beauty store yesterday and got two things: A color remover from Satin (Developlus) and their High Lift 12HLB which is a bluish-blond that cancels orangish overtones in hair when lifting.

It was really fortuitous that I got the 12HLB almost on instinct as I’ll explain below.

I got the color remover almost as a last-second afterthought when I was at the beauty store. I just happened to see it on the shelf and thought – hmm maybe.

After I got home and decided to use it. I’m glad I did. The color remover is quite gentle and non-damaging. Its not a strong chemical. The best way to apply it is to brush it on with a hair coloring brush and then work it in. Put on a shower cap and leave it for 20 minutes. Then you have to wash, wash, wash and rinse a really loooong time and wash, wash more. The chemical only shrinks the color molecules in the hair shaft but the actual process of extensively washing and rinsing repeatedly is what gets the color out.

After going through that process twice my hair was quite orange. It was actually a really cool color of orange that I liked and matched well with my skin. It was not too orangish for me, but still it was really orange.

This morning I decided to go natural and try to lift the hair even lighter. This is where the 12HLB came in handy – it is the right high lift color to neutralize oranges.. So I applied the 12HLB using 40 developer and did a lift treatment. Again using the brush to judiciously apply the product to the darkest areas first and really work it in.

It did neutralize the orange to a much more natural shade, but my hair is still around a 8 or 9GC.

I will wait a few days for my hair to calm down a bit and then do another lift treatment, probably with 12HLA and 40 developer.

I wonder though how light the lifting will really take my hair though? I would really like to get close to platinum blonde and it seems like bleach might ultimately be the only way. I’m really leery of using bleach on my hair because its so thin to begin with and it might just destroy the curl. Perhaps I can test a little area to see what happens.

So as of now I’m planning on doing at least one more lift – which is so much less harmful than bleaching – and being patient – but also investigating bleaching and what product(s) I might use if I were to do so.

I found a good article at 5 Things Your Stylist Doesn’t Tell You Before Bleaching Your Hair. Some of the info is kind of obvious – obviously a radical change in hair color is going to change the complexion and potentially cause major shifts to colors that one uses for cosmetics and in one’s wardrobe. I actually think that part of it would be really fun. It would be so cool to shift one’s look based on a new appearance.

On that note I also like the idea of going lighter with hair in the Fall as it is now, with all the Fall colors in season and the approaching Winter colors (although I’m not too keen on actual Christmas/holiday colors specifically – more of the darker fall colors as really cool contrasts with lighter hair – then again Christmas/holiday colors might be a cool challenge to deal with too).

The changes they mention in the article to hair are what is really interesting and important to think about. I don’t like the idea that bleaching seems to be essentially a destructive process. But we’ll see – will keep investigating…

One final note – for reading up on Satin products – for some reason their domain is down – I had to use the Wayback Machine to view their site.

Wow did I just get contact dermatitis on my finger from eating a persimmon?

Earlier I had a persimmon – a really ripe, juicy Hachiya persimmon. It was so ripe and juicy I mostly ate it with a spoon. But at the end I had to suck off the remaining jelly off the peel by holding it with my fingers.

Then I noticed later a small red area of irritation on my thumb. I don’t know of anything else that could have triggered it except the persimmon.

I read that persimmons can in rare cases cause contact dermatitis. So perhaps that’s what this is. Its not really a big deal. Its just a very small area. Also my mouth did not become irritated, only a small spot on my thumb for some reason.

Amazing vegan hippie farmers market soup!

amazing vegan hippy soup

Went to the farmers market today and had so much stuff to fit in my fridge that I needed to clear it out. I also got a leek at the market which already had me thinking – soup!

Yes, today is a day for soup. I bought more italian and sweet peppers today so had to use the old ones. I got more tomatoes so wanted to use old ones. I had leftover cooked roma beans from last week which needed to be used. I had half a container of cooked organic short-grain brown rice + millet that needed to be used.

Throw it all in the pot! I love it! The best way to cook!

I also seasoned it with 2 teaspoons of celtic sea salt and about 1 tablespoon of amazing, bitter California olive oil.

Here’s a breakdown of everything in the soup:

Roma beans: dried, cooked, leftover
Romano beans: fresh from farmers market, in the pod
I get these two confused – one is a broad pod bean similar to green beans but has larger beans inside and probably more protein. The other are dried white beans similar in appearance to navy beans.
Organic short-grain brown rice and millet, cooked, leftover
Small, round tomatoes (similar to cherry tomatoes but larger), fresh from farmers market
Grape tomatoes, fresh from farmers market
Cherry tomatoes, fresh from farmers market
Leek, fresh from farmers market
Italian peppers (they are long and thin), fresh… farmers market
Sweet peppers – a type of heirloom that are usually yellow and/or orange, fresh… farmers market
Broccoli, fresh… farmers market
Celtic seas salt, 2 teaspoons
California olive oil, bitter variety (healthier), 1 tablespoon

In addition to the blessed, aromatic fragrance this soup filled my apartment with when it was cooking, the taste is so excellent that I could cry.

My deepest gratitude and appreciation for the farmers at the market who started out at 5 a.m. this morning and braved this morning’s rain to be there!

This is my way to celebrate the end of the season for peppers and tomatoes.

Vegan hippie farmers market soup. Love it!

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