Food combining guidelines

Most people I’m sure already know about this but I found it good to refresh my knowledge of the basic guidelines for food combining. If nothing else these guidelines indicate which foods are more compatible and why. Even if they are not always strictly adhered to, they are a good guiding principle to have in mind when thinking about meals.

Nine Rules for Proper Food Combining

Some salient things:

  • There are starchy and non-starchy vegetables
  • Non starchy vegetables combine well with proteins, unlike starchy ones
  • Don’t mix starches and acids
  • In general, eat fruits before other things since they will digest more easily and quickly in the body
  • Proteins can take hours to be fully digested.  Always eat them last.

Effects of hyperosmolar lubricants

Interesting article talks about the toxicity of hyperosmolar(pronounced “hyper ahhzmolar”) lubricants which are lubricants the salt, carb, and protein content of which is greater than that of cells of the vagina and rectum.  The article states:

This imbalance causes epithelial cells to lose water and, as a result, dry out. They are different from iso-osmolar lubricants, which contain the same amount of salts and other ingredients as do the cells.

My personal favorite lubricants are a silicon-based one for partner sex and a sliquid brand flavored lube which I like for self sex.

Soma = Body (in Greek)

Following the idea of using “psyche” as the name for the section of related to the soul, today I set up “soma” for a new section containing posts related to the body.  Other possible names would have been “health”, “beauty”, or “personal care”.  Yet while all these do relate to the body each of them actually excludes things in the others, whereas “body” (soma) incorporates them all, plus more.

I haven’t really written much about what motivates me to make posts, yet one basic idea is simply to have a place to store information about notable things I read and will probably want to access in the future again.  Every day I process a lot of information about different things and those which are noteworthy or important for some reason I like to keep track of.  Having lets me do this while enabling anyone else to also access the information.

But I also hope that is a place that someone would want to visit.  I find that there are actually not a lot of websites which I find really interesting and want to visit frequently.  Part of the reason I have this site is to create an interesting place.  If someone only read this site and no others what sort of things would they know about?  Perhaps be inclined to think about?  Hopefully things different than what is offered in the mainstreams.

“Could an ‘elixir of life’ really increase your lifespan? “

Could an ‘elixir of life’ really increase your lifespan?
16:44 7 October 2010

Jessica Hamzelou, reporter

A chemical elixir can add 10 years to your life! According to the media, anyway. How much of the claim that an amino acid cocktail can boost longevity should be taken with a pinch of salt?

For starters, the study was carried out in mice. Giuseppe D’Antona at Pavia University in Italy and his colleagues added a cocktail of three branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) – isoleucine, leucine and valine – to the feed of young nine-month-old mice.

Compared with mice that were fed regular, unsupplemented chow, which survived an average 774 days, the BCAA-fed mice on average lived to the ripe old age of 869 days. As D’Antona’s team point out, the BCAA-fed mice lived 12 per cent longer.


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