Laser Treatment of Vitreous Eye Floaters

Today I was researching laser treatment of vitreous eye floaters and came across this mind-blowing video of a live procedure being done by one of the only very few physicians in the US who perform it:

To anyone who has never had a floater, it might be difficult to imagine how amazing this procedure seems.  Floaters look like this junk that floats around inside your eye.  They often look like a sort of diffuse clod of blurry hair which can sometimes be quite annoying.  I’ve had mine since I was around 10 and experienced a traumatic injury to my left eye which, luckily, didn’t leave me permanently blind (although I was legally blind in the eye for a while after it bled internally).

Here’s another video by the same physician in which he explains the procedure:

Eating algae to prevent malaria?

News today about exciting research where scientists have been able to get algae to create complex proteins similar to those created by the malaria parasites in the Plasmodium genus.


The use of algae to produce malaria proteins that elicited antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum in laboratory mice and prevented malaria transmission was published May 16 in the online, open-access journal PLoS ONE.

It has not been tested yet on humans, but if it works it would be a vast discovery with the ability to save millions of lives.

Useful tool for runners, hikers, and bicyclists

There is a feature of Google Maps, which is not enabled by default, called Distance Measurement Tool.  First it has to be enabled as per these instructions.  Then one clicks on points on the map to create the route for calculating the distance.  Here’s a useful video showing how it works:

I don’t know how many times I wanted to do this an couldn’t.  Now I can!

Midi-chlorian therapy

I think I’ve made a couple posts here in the past about how the realm of microorganisms in the body, in particular things like intenstinal flora, are like this other, undiscovered realm which may be far more powerful that we know or think.

I think I wrote about how someone making a sloppy kiss can transmit candida to another person, and how that in effect can be like an attack.  Its like an immune war between people.  There’s this whole realm of how there are these secret immune wars going on between people at the relationship level, familial, societal, and even perhaps planetary levels.  There could be collective dynamics to these immune wars, these secret midi-chlorian wars being fought through humans as their mostly unwitting agents.

I think I speculated on how it could be possible that in fact it is the flora inside the bodies of humans which in certain ways directs their lives, or are responsible for fundamental impulses which affect or direct human existence.

With the past year it has been established that there are at least three basic “enterotypes” within humans – three biologically distinct types of floral ecosystems found within humans.  Some people therefore are more compatible based on their enterotype.

Now today there is an article about research showing how a process of gut microbiota transplantation can possibly prevent diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

In other words, just by transplanting midi-chlorians from one person to another it may be possible to prevent serious diseases.

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