Miang Kham Amazing Thai Wraps

I was at this restaurant a while ago and they served these amazingly delicious little hors d’oeuvre wrap things which are called maing kham. I wanted to create this post about it for reference purposes. Want to experiment with different recipes and ideas.

The ones I had had cashew, prawn (which I no longer eat), ginger, fried onion, and lime wrapped in butter lettuce.

The combination of the sour lime, the savory cashew and fried onion, and the sharp, zesty ginger made the flavor amazing.

Postnatal oogenesis?

There has been some stuff in the news [abstract] recently about new findings related to Oogonial Stem Cells. It has traditionally been believed that all of the oocyctes (eggs) in a human female’s body are present when she is born and that the system which produced the eggs no longer creates new ones after this. There is possible evidence that this is might not the case.

The process by which oocytes develop is in fact a very complex one which is difficult to understand.

From the abstract at plosgenetics.org:

We think a more logical explanation for the observations of Reizel et al. is that oocytes present in ovaries of older females arise from postnatal oogenesis, as successive mitotic divisions of OSCs (oogonial stem cells, also referred to as female germline stem cells or fGSCs) with age give rise to new “deeper” oocytes.


The recent work of Shapiro and colleagues is one of the first reports to offer experimental data consistent with a role for postnatal oocyte renewal in contributing to the reserve of ovarian follicles available for use in adult females as they age. Although unequivocal conclusions cannot be made at this point regarding the basis of the increase in oocyte depth described by Reizel et al., their work is nonetheless an exciting and important addition to our understanding of reproductive biology and the origin of mammalian oocytes.

35 million tons of human flesh

Today I input my stats on a page at the BBC which rates where you are on the “Global Fat Scale”.

The result: My size is that of an average person from India.  If everyone in the world had the same Body Mass Index as me, it would mean 35 million tons less of human flesh on Planet Earth.

One thing I’ve found recently that is working very well at keeping that difficult-to-shed extra fat around the midsection away: I love the List of the Refined Processed Carbohydrates (to avoid or limit) diet recommendation at lasting-weight-loss.com.  But one major caveat I would give is to cut out all the animal products including fish and go vegan.

Having followed this diet strictly for months now I see that it really works.  Once very nice thing about it is that just following it is enough.  I never worry about how much I eat or don’t eat.  I just eat when I want.  I even overeat sometimes because it feels good.  But I never eat foods on this list above.

UPDATE: I just did the calculation for my mother and it says that her weight is similar to an average person in Ethiopia!  If everyone was her weight it would mean 56 million tons less of human flesh on Planet Earth.

The odd thing is, I don’t consider myself thin at all.  Nor does my mother, who, now in her late 70’s, has had about the same weight her entire adult life.  Neither of our weights has ever fluctuated more than about ± 10 pounds.

“Handlebar Level Can Affect Sexual Health of Female Cyclists”

Article that appeared in news today about a study of the relationship between handlebar height and pressure in the genital area which can cause loss of sensitivity.

The gist of the article – handlebars lower than seat can cause problems.  Raise handlebars (or I guess lower seat) so that handlebars are higher than seat, thus taking excess pressure off genital region.

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