Manganese found to neutralize Shiga toxin

An article today discusses a paper that reports that manganese significantly neutralizes the toxicity of Shiga toxin in cells.  This occurs because a certain protein which is responsible for the Shiga toxin’s avoiding normal breakdown within cells is highly sensitive to manganese.

This is a significant discovery as hundreds of millions of people are affected by Shiga toxin each year through E coli and other infections.  Often people with severe toxicity experience kidney failure and are forced to go on dialysis.  If simply taking manganese can protect from Shiga toxicity that is a huge advance.

Another study on red wine

Today I read an article about another study purporting there to be health benefits to drinking red wine.  I feel that such studies as this are highly deceptive.  They get disseminated in the media with headlines about health benefits of red wine.  But the real question should be: Is there any benefit to having red wine versus just having grapes or grape juice?

I think there should be a law that any studies done on the potential health benefits of wines must always include whole grapes and grape juice as well.  What a waste of research, of time and money to go through all the trouble of these studies and not bother to include grapes and grape juice as well.  Why not  include for example muscadine or concord grapes both of which have ultra-high levels of the beneficial phenolics and other compounds?  I’d love to see a study how concord grapes compare against red wines for health benefits.  My intuition tells me the grapes would blow the wine away.

Of course one major problem is that the grapes sold commercially are among the least nutritious varieties.  And this problem is not a medical one.  Why do we live under a system where the food production/distribution system is controlled by these agri-giants which have incentive to sell garbage fruit and vegetables among all the other garbage they sell?

Facial Care Essential Accessory

One issue that ladies with long hair face when going through their facial care routine is what to do with the hair.  Obviously one needs to hold one’s hair back when cleansing, and having it back while applying makeup also makes that process much easier.  Yet if you have curly hair like mine (type 2C/3A) you may not be too eager to clip or tie your hair back, as it can mess with your curl definition.  There needs to be a less disruptive way to hold hair back, and fortunately there is with this wonderful hair accessory called a Tassi.

A Tassi is a sort of hair turban.  Its a hair holder that fits over the head with an opening at the top and an elastic band to keep the hair out of the face.  I find this is the least disruptive way to hold my hair back while cleansing or applying makeup.  Its a great little invention and an essential accessory to have.

Note, if you color treat your hair a lot, you might want to opt for a darker color Tassi.  This way if you use your Tassi after a color treatment you don’t have to worry about it staining.

More info that the microorganisms in us can control us

I wrote a while ago about how it can sometimes be disgusting when someone kisses you, slobbering whatever microorganisms are growing in their mouths – and usually there are a lot of them – all over and possibly inside you as well.  Candida is a well-known yeast that causes infections in humans.  It can persist in the body and be very difficult to get rid of.  It feeds off a bad diet, rich in refined carbohydrates and processed foods.  Its difficult to get rid of because its difficult to get off the refined foods for people who are on them.  Its a shock for the body and brain in different ways.  There are definite withdrawal symptoms and various stages of detoxification on the rocky road to cleaning out one’s system.

Therefore I don’t appreciate it when someone with bad hygiene plunges their tongue into my mouth unexpectedly when I’m just trying to be a sexy girl and seem inviting and receptive to them.  They take it way too far.  I wasn’t asking to be attacked biologically.  A nice kiss on the cheek or just lips with no tongue is so much sweeter and… sexier, inasmuch as not having microorganisms injected into my system is sexy.

In that previous post I speculated that there might actually be these covert wars going on between different groups of humans, based on the types of microorganisms living in their bodies.  This of course would relate to their diets.  Diet relates to choices – conscious choices one makes about how to live – so there’s an aspect of will to this and also an element of karma.

It could be that there are these secret immune wars going on in the world, and that there even exist collective dynamics for these things as people of certain types form dynamics to reinforce each others’ ways.  Maybe these are the real wars that are affecting the world, these secret wars which are operating at the level of microorganisms in our bodies.

Today there is published another article which states that the microorganisms in us can affect our minds.

Viva las vegans!

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