My new favorite tea

Getting back to basics! Sometimes there’s nothing more uplifting than a basic, black China tea with its wonderful bitterness.

I love to think about the first person who tried steeping tea leaves in water and actually thought it was good. I can imagine him trying to tell his friends or family “Hey! Try this! Isn’t it amazing?” and people initially being like “Yuck! That’s bitter!” and spitting it out.

But our poor friend persisted, kept drinking it, kept experimenting with the infusion, and eventually maybe someone in his village eventually agreed with him and was like “Hmm. This is interesting. This is really interesting…”

OMG Complete Bliss!

Lychee fruit

My local health food store has lychee fruit available again! These ones are grown in Mexico.

I find lychees to be extremely healing. They are very gentle and seem very soothing. The flavor is exquisite.

There are actually ornamental lychee trees which grow near me however their fruit is unfortunately not the same. The healing variety available in the store probably requires a more tropical climate.

If you’ve never had lychee before you have to try them at the first opportunity you can!

Here is some info I found on lychee fruit: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Lychee Fruit Health Benefits of Lychee Food: Lychee—the fruit of love and life

Shocking UV levels outdoors

Today’s sky overhead was a mix of fog and occasional Sun peeking through. I used SHealth to take two UV measurements: One when the Sun was fully showing, and a second when there was fog covering it.

The results: When the Sun was fully showing the UV level was registered as “extreme”. Whoa!
When the Sun was covered with fog it still registered as “high”.

So even going outdoors when it seems like there’s a protective layer of fog between you and the Sun doesn’t necessarily mean that the UV exposure is not dangerously high. And if there’s any Sun poking through then the level jumps to extreme. Yikes!

“Luminous Finish Foundation Concentrate”

Today am testing Fiona Stiles Luminous Finish Foundation Concentrate. Its a really lightweight, fluid foundation with superb coverage but not too runny. It has a highly luminous finish as the name suggests.

It was easy to apply with just my fingers, with some minor touching-up with a flat liquid foundation brush. So far am really liking it.

UPDATE 1: Mid-day check-in: I am really liking this foundation.  Its still looking fresh and the coverage is still excellent.

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