My new staple rice

Himalayan parboiled red rice

I had this rice for the first time about a week ago and immediately fell in love with it. I might not have even thought of getting this particular variety – there being so many different ones in the bulk section at the health food store – except that I think it was on sale and I thought “Why not?” and decided to try it.

It turns out that this rice is absolutely mind blowing. It has such a nice, nutty flavor but its not just the flavor that makes it excellent. Its also not a glutinous rice like some varieties, and for whatever reason it just seems much more wholesome, easy to digest, non-acid-forming, and non-irritating. Its so tasty that all I usually do is sprinkle on a little bit of Celtic sea salt.

And another great thing is that the cost of this rice is about the same or perhaps only marginally higher than a high-quality brown rice.

Considering that I’m vegan, and that my daily bowl of rice is a very significant portion of my daily diet, having this really excellent rice makes a big difference.

Himalayan parboiled red rice. Love it!

These beans are amazing!

Christmas beans

Christmas beans from the farmer’s market. They are a very large bean in the “broad bean” category but with a very different flavor.

Quite a while ago I got these beans at the farmer’s market and have since come to really love them. Not only is the flavor amazing, they are only $1 per pound which if you’re familiar with the cost of beans in health food stores is a great deal.

They appear similar to fava beans but have the mottled appearance, and the flavor reminds me of cannellini beans which are a flavorful, gourmet white bean. They are called Christmas beans and, as I have just learned, are a variety of lima bean, of American origin.

fava beans

Fava beans from the same vendor at the farmer’s market as the above Christmas beans. The size and shape is similar.

In terms of appearance the cooked beans do not have a great appeal to the eye, but what they lack in appearance they more than make up for with their wonderful flavor.

freshly-cooked Christmas beans

freshly-cooked Christmas beans

I was reading about the history of fava beans and they are one of the oldest known plants cultivated by humans, having been cultivated in the Middle East at least 8,000 years before being introduced to the West. It really makes me think how different, how much more peaceful and less violent history would have been had humans chosen to forgo the consuming of animal flesh in favor of eating nourishing foods such as this.

Benefit liquid foundation testing

At the beauty store yesterday and tested Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW liquid foundation and so far I’m impressed with it. It has a really nice, glowy finish that’s not too bright nor greasy looking. It also has good coverage. I tried it yesterday without primer and today I tried it over their 15 hour primer which has a very pasty consistency and seemed to make the foundation cake (it may also be that the lighting in the store was really bad). Am going to try it again without the primer but so far am liking it!

Yoga as a business

Every now and then I get these spam mails about “events” at yoga places and it seems clear to me that they’re just businesses trying to make money.

If it really were about healing it would be free. The teachers would get day jobs just like the rest of us.

Far too many yoga “teachers” are just entitled kids with rich parents, who could afford to go to India or to some expensive yoga retreat thousands of miles away. They have never worked an actual job in their life and have no career skills. That has nothing to do with community and nothing to do with healing.

These yoga places are just businesses, not centers of healing.

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