Males in yoga class? Disgusting.

Males should not even be allowed in yoga and other mat-based fitness classes such as Pilates. Notice the type of “men” that go to yoga classes. They are not real men, but always these creepy, gross, disgusting deadhead-types.

Real men do not take yoga classes. Men do resistance training and cardio. Personally I love men who are into cardio, especially runners who have the best body types. I also love men who are into things like martial arts.

99% of people who take yoga and other mat-based classes such as Pilates are female anyway. So keep males out.

Women have a right to enjoy yoga classes in peace, without creepy pervert losers ogling them or even having weird thoughts about them. The type of male that goes to yoga classes is almost always the creepy, deadhead type.

Yoga class is a place where women connect with their bodies and their breath, and open up to deep levels. Its disgusting to have creepy males in the classes.

Its time to segregate yoga classes. People who do not accept that yoga classes need to be segregated are perpetuating abuse against women.

My guess is that some women have such little exposure to men that any exposure for them is considered good. But then this happens at the expense of all the other females in the classes who are victimized by the disgusting creeps. Is that really right or fair? Or should these loser women find some other venue in which to deal with their issues?

Another possibility is that some aggressive women use the male as a vehicle for their aggression against other females who are the victims of the male. Obviously this is not cool and not acceptable. Again, such women should deal with their issues on the outside and drop them at the door to the class. Having males in the class opens the door for such aggressive females to carry out their aggression against other females, who are then doubly victims of the male and the aggressive females.

Yoga class should be a sanctuary, a time for peace, healing, and concentration away from creepiness and other BS that occurs when men are present. Some people – all males and females with issues – should not really be in such classes unless they are willing to dispense with their issues and aggressions.

Wake up women!

This kind of makes me happy

sculpture in Hall of Mirrors Versailles

This is from a video someone posted of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, France. It makes me happy to think that this is what was considered beautiful in a European royal court in the late-17th or early-18th century at the peak of the baroque.

She does not have enormous boobs and she doesn’t have ultra-tight abs. She hasn’t been consuming growth-hormone-tainted bovine dairy products since the time of birth. She just looks normal, organic, human, and very beautiful. Love it.

My latest hair routine

This is the latest hair care routine that I’ve been using that seems to be working well. My hair ranges between 2A-C on the front and sides and 3A in the back. If you want to see what these types look like you can check out this site.

My hair is also color treated with an ammonia-based permanent color. One recent thing I discovered is that when coloring my hair it is much better for my scalp to not use a shower cap while the color is being applied. This allows the scalp to ventilate rather than trapping the intense ammonia under the shower cap.

My hair unfortunately has several issues but I am managing to deal with them. One issue has been that, when wet, it has tended to mat. This could be residual damage from an incident quite a while back when I made the grave mistake of using a peroxide-based developer while coloring my hair, which wiped out the curl and basically damaged the hair a lot.

I’ve cut my hair to a short style (which I actually really like – easier to manage and better volume) which I think has eliminated most if not all of the damaged hair by now. The matting issue is also helped significantly by the use of a detangler when cleansing my hair.

The most recent innovation I have come up with is to actually cleanse my hair with DevaCurl’s One Condition mixed with a bit of John Master’s Organics Citrus and Neroli Detangler. This is how I cleanse. I do not need or want a shampoo, although I will use a bit of a clarifying shampoo along the roots before doing a color treatment. The innovation here for me was to mix the detangler and cleansing conditioner. They do not have to be used separately. In fact they blend well together.

So that is the first step: Cleansing the hair with One Condition mixed with a little bit of Master’s Detangler. It does not take a lot of either of these products. I prefer to cleanse while taking a bath, where I can relax and take my time applying it throughout my hair. This is also my conditioning step!

This comes to the next step which is leave-in. For leave-in I’ve tried many different conditioners, but there’s something I’ve noticed about many if not most of them: Most seem to not persist. After a few days they sputter out, often dramatically. After cleansing and applying leave-in the hair may be good for a day or a couple days but then suddenly the leave-in just stops working and the hair gets dramatically worse very quickly.

I cannot say exactly why this happens in terms of chemistry, but only notice that it does. However there is one conditioner I’ve been using recently that seems to really work well and not sputter out over time: Acure’s Argan Stem Cell Conditioner.

This conditioner is really dense. It is intense. It has a thicker consistency than most conditioners which is actually good. It really locks in moisture and doesn’t sputter out. Its conditioning lasts exceptionally well.

The trick to using it as a leave-in is to use it judiciously, to not overuse it. Because it is such an intense, moisture-rich conditioner over use of it can leave the hair stiff and also basically wipe out the curl as it weighs the hair down. Therefore I use just a small amount when applying it as leave in, diluting about a nickel- to quarter-sized amount with water to a milky-creamy consistency and distributing it lightly through the hair with a kind of scrunching motion.

Finally, I went to DevaCurl’s website and was checking out their DevaLooks tutorials. They have one tutorial there for “The Jet Setter” which was really helpful to me. Basically the tutorial recommends using their Spray Gel and, when the hair starts to get kind of icky and flat, to use some No-Poo Quick Cleanser on the roots. I find the No-Poo Quick Cleanser works really well and it only requires a little bit to revive hair.

I’ve also taken their tip and use Spray Gel not just in the traditional sense of an after-cleansing application, but also as a touch-up, similar to how I might use their Mist-er Right touch up spray which I also still use occasionally.

And when my hair needs a bit of just plain moisture, for example in the morning, I still use my own custom spray which is mostly water mixed with a little bit of Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner. This is the other conditioner which does not sputter out as many others do, but it is a lighter conditioner than the Acure Argan Stem Cell.

I’m not afraid to be mortal

In rats with irradiated brains, the bundles safeguarded brain structures, reduced inflammation, and preserved cognitive functions compared with rats that didn’t get the cellular cargo, researchers report.

The findings, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

I’m not afraid to be mortal. I know that the universe loves me deeply. I know that everything will be ok. And I love other beings. I know that love is divinity and it is the responsibility of humans to protect other beings, not exploit, abuse, harm, or destroy their precious lives.

My body is destined to die one day. That is part of being a creature of Earth. I am not afraid of who I am or my past, present, or future. I embrace my life fully and love all beings.

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