Favorite tea of the week

Last week my favorite tea was a back-to-basics China black, orange pekoe tea. This week as a Summery variation and in celebration of lychee season I’m loving lychee black organic Keemun.

Dietary Fiber Intake Tied to Successful Aging

…out of all the factors they examined — which included a person’s total carbohydrate intake, total fiber intake, glycemic index, glycemic load, and sugar intake — it was the fiber that made the biggest difference to what the researchers termed “successful aging.”

Successful aging was defined as including an absence of disability, depressive symptoms, cognitive impairment, respiratory symptoms, and chronic diseases including cancer, coronary artery disease, and stroke.

Source: geron.org: Dietary Fiber Intake Tied to Successful Aging, Research Reveals

“Chronic stress vulnerability” from drinking as adolescent

Drinking during early to mid-adolescence can lead to vulnerability to chronic stress, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York.

…it’s bad to have elevated levels in the long term, because sustained elevations in these levels of these hormones have adverse effects on a lot of body systems. So cortisol is needed for emergencies, but you don’t want it elevated all the time. And what we found is that following adolescent alcohol exposure, adults don’t show that hormonal stress adaptation. They don’t adapt to the chronic stressor, which suggests that they may be more vulnerable later to chronic stress.

…what these studies are showing is that there are long-lasting effects from adolescent alcohol exposure, and it is not innocuous. And these effects are most dramatic with exposures during mid- and early adolescence, which is the time when alcohol use is typically initiated in humans.

Source: eurekalert.org: Alcohol exposure during adolescence leads to chronic stress vulnerability

Did I just discover the secret of Clarisonicland?

My Clarisonic was irritating my skin. Even the sensitive brush seemed to irritate it. Tried different speed settings. No avail. Skin was still irriated.

So I went online and got an inexpensive luxe brush. I can say it appears, after several days of use, to be working really well. My skin is clean and not irritated. It seems to have improved a lot in just a few days.

Not only that, but there are a couple of cool things about the luxe brush: First, its hard to overuse it. With regular brushes I know you’re supposed to really limit the amount of time that the brush is on the skin, and the usual amount of time for each zone is somewhere around 20-30 seconds. Well, if you think about that, that’s not a lot of time really and its easy to go over or under, to vary that time because the target interval itself is so short.

With the luxe brush I can use it a lot longer without really worrying a lot about the exact time. Instead I can just focus on more thoroughly cleaning.

Second, with the luxe brush I can set the speed (on my Mia which has 3 speed settings) to high. Higher speed means more sonic vibrations per second and hence more intensive cleaning as well as other therapeutic benefits of sonic vibrations such as increased blood flow and removal of toxins from the skin.

Third – and this is really cool – I can actually use it on my eyes now. I use it very gently on the eyes but yes it does feel really cool to use a Clarisonic on the eyes.

Finally, I can now use the Clarisonic every day without worrying about overuse and needing to give my skin a rest. I think this will have the obvious benefit that my skin will be kept consistently clean.

Clarisonic luxe brush. Love it!

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