Cruel, adj. – Of persons (also transf. and fig. of things): Disposed to inflict suffering; indifferent to or taking pleasure in another’s pain or distress; destitute of kindness or compassion; merciless, pitiless, hard-hearted. – O.E.D.

Disposed to give pain to others; willing or pleased to hurt, torment, or afflict; destitute of sympathetic kindness and pity; savage; inhuman; hard-hearted; merciless. – 1913 Webster

I wrote the post yesterday about brain damage. Now I am thinking about the deliberate infliction of harm upon others. It is cruelty.

If anyone objects to my characterization of people as being brain damaged, then the only alternative is cruelty.

Or maybe cruelty and brain damage go together.

There definitely is a cruel aspect to it. But then one must ask, are those enacting cruelty themselves brain-damaged? Does that make it cruelty if they are brain-damaged?

The measure of cruelty is not the state of the perpetrator, but rather the suffering and harm that is inflicted upon victims of the cruelty.

I watched a video not long ago of a woman in Indonesia who was a popular entertainer – singer-type person. She would be on stage with these snakes. When I watched it it was immediately shocking how crass, barbaric, and cruel she was. It was gross. Here was this foul woman standing on a stage, abusing these poor animals for a shock effect and to appear “sexy”. It was disgusting.

I really felt sorry for the poor animals and what they were going through.

Then one day a snake bit the woman. I guess the people part of her performance troupe were not unaccustomed to an occasional snake bit, and thought that they could just easily deal with it when they occurred.

It appeared in the video, after the woman was bitten, that another man actually tried to suck the venom out of her leg with his mouth. I’m not 100% sure but that’s what it appeared like.

Maybe this trick worked many times for them. But on this one occasion it didn’t. Perhaps the venon got into a major artery too quickly, or whatever. You actually see the woman just collapse as she was sitting there with the guy trying to suck out the venom.

There are a lot of people like her in the world. A lot. The world that most people are in right now, wherever they are, is an illusion. But there exists cruelty in many places in this world.

People don’t want to see it. They don’t want to face it. They don’t want to be aware of it.

Part of evolution involves transcending cruelty. But that does not mean avoiding it or being unaware of it. It means first and foremost being honest.

My favorite cosmetic product

I have a new favorite cosmetic product which I’ve been happily using almost daily for months now: Mineral Fusion Illuminating Beauty Balm.

I tend to be picky with cosmetics but I love this beauty balm. It compares with the best foundations. It has a great texture and lasts well. It forms a good base for finishing products like bronzer/highligher/blush.

As a cosmetic, it is more on the natural side, coming from Mineral Fusion.

I’ve also been really loving their Hydration Mist. It goes well with the beauty balm and is great for replenishing my frequently tired skin which tends to dry out from lack of sleep.

Another product I now love is their Purifying Gel Cleanser. It only takes a small amount to achieve a nice foaming effect and cleanse the skin well. It is much less expensive than many of the other cleansers I’ve used, but is effective yet gentle. I love to use it with my Clarisonic.

Methamphetamine is disgusting

Every now and then I get asked – usually via txt – “Do u party?”

Do you know what “party” means? First of all, it does not mean party.

What it means is: Take methamphetamine and have sex.

First of all, methamphetamine is fucking sick. Its disgusting as hell. It is appalling, rancid shit. All you have to do is look around to see how fucked up it is and the vast devastation it causes.

Second, the most unromantic thing that I could even think of would be to have sex while using that disgusting crap, or even being around a human being who would consider doing so. Yuck.

Its really a sad indication of the state of the city I’m in, if not our country, that people do sickening shit like this. I know that in China now also methamphetamine – at least the production of it – is a huge problem. I don’t know if they “party” though or just make it.

I’m sorry world

I’m sorry world. I don’t know what the hell you’re doing anymore.

Airplanes flying around in the sky advertising booze to the masses below. Loud cars, choppers, and monster trucks everywhere – rampant violation of humans’ basic right to peace. No peace in this world anymore.

I don’t know why you’re this way, or what the hell you’re trying to attain.

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