Stressful day. Had a lot going on. Felt pretty wiped out in the morning and decided to go run.

Felt good but then more stress in the day.

Got home later and the afternoon Sun was glowing brightly, as if inviting me.

Put on my running clothes and hit the street again.

The run was so blissful – I don’t know if it’s ever happened this intense – so blissful I had tears in my eyes.

It just felt soooo good, so good to run this afternoon.

The joy of my body, so precious. So much love and bliss.

Yes, I’m a devotee!

No matter where I go in the universe I will always run like that.

Someone old me recently that I have a beautiful body. I’ve always known that there’s no beauty that doesn’t come from how we are, not what we are.

The other day when I was running I thought to myself: Earning it is more fun than having it.

When I had the blissful tears in my eyes today that’s really what I felt. It’s not just more fun, it’s precious. It’s priceless.