Embarrassed to be fat??

If I’m too embarrassed to go out and workout outdoors because I’m fat, bloated, or whatever then I’ll never go out. I’m a creature of Earth. I love my body. I cherish it, no matter what. Some days I may feel less than 100%. My body may be disrupted from stress, poor sleep, constipation, or other factors. I may look less than 100%.

But I’m a creature of Earth. I’m always beautiful. Going out and running is about loving Earth, not about putting on a display for others. Wearing skimpy clothes is about being connected with Earth, getting Sun, being natural. If I can’t be natural and close to Earth when I’m not feeling 100% how can I be when I’m 100%?

There will always be people who smear shit. There will always be petty people who lurch in the shadows, who creep around and then come out and try to smear it on you.

Just be true to yourself. It’s really sad for those lost people. But don’t let their sickness have anything to do with your greatness. Be great. Stand up and be strong.

Even when the little people are trying to smear shit on you Earth will whisper her secrets to you that you are beautiful and blessed. Just keep following her. Look at the butterflies and the birds around you.