Why is tea so good?

Why is an infusion of leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant so good? I know this is a rhetorical question, but have you ever had a sip of tea – it may be tea that was brewed hours ago and was just sitting in a cup at room temperature – and it just felt like the most healing, nourishing, therapeutic thing to sip it?

I write this because this happens with me all the time. It’s late in the evening now and I would not actually make an infusion of Camelia sinensis tea at this hour, but I still have a cup next to me of tea that I made in the early afternoon and never finished and when I take a sip of it it just produces such an intense sensation of health, goodness, and wellness to me that I cannot describe it.

I just wonder, I really wonder, why is it this good? Certainly something that feels so incredibly good to consume must be very healthy and good for the body.

It seems extremely fortunate to me to be in a world where such a thing as Camelia sinensis tea exists!

Divinity the reality vs. divinity the abstraction

Divinity the reality is tied to life. Even if a being walked up in front of you and you knew it was a divinity that doesn’t mean it is still not an abstraction.

Divinity the reality is in your memory, not your cognition. What you yearn for is not an abstraction, but a reality. The abstraction may appeal to you in your present state, but what you need is a state, a state that might be in your memory (or not?).

Remember that from the perspective of divinity the future is the past and the past is the future. So what is memory then?

Memory may be part of your body which you inherited. Or it may be that divinity is what enables you to have memory in the first place.

When the world seems twisted and everything is falling apart, you can still remember and that memory is itself salvation.

So what is the memory?

For me it is very ancient. It is people living blissfully on Earth in a state of abundance and bliss. It is the memory of who we were.

So yeah, looking around at all this, it’s clear that this is not the same state of things as the memory. I accept that I’m just a traveler through this world. This world is not my home. So if the kind of divinity, the profound love and light that I’ve experienced, isn’t able to manifest in this world, then it’s ok because I know I will eventually find my true home.

Caucasian curly hair and African hair are completely different

I’m just going to come out and say this: Caucasian curly hair and African hair are completely different.  Any website, forum, or product line which attempts to market to both is either incompetent or else greedy.

The care for Caucasian curly hair and African  hair is different.  The hair types are different.  Structurally they are very different.  They have almost nothing in common.  Caucasian wavy or straight hair has more in common with Caucasian curly hair than does African hair.

It’s upsetting when a website forum you used to like suddenly changes to include African hair which  has it’s own sets of issues and concerns into forums which were originally intended for Caucasian curly hair.  It’s not like there aren’t website domains available to create forums dedicated exclusively to African hair concerns.

The same is true for curly haircare product lines which were originally intended for Caucasian curly hair and then later include African hair in the same line.  It’s a bad idea.  Product lines that do this are either incompetent or else they are greedy by attempting to increase the marketing range of customers for a product line to hair types which have nothing in common with each other for the sake of profit.

We all know what this is about.  Companies and websites which don’t have the balls to say they are dedicated to Caucasian curly hair.  Because that would be RACIST.  But it’s ok to have product lines and websites dedicated to other ethnic groups’ hair because muh diversity.

All I have to say about this situation is: #ItsOkayToBeWhite

is totally different than:

Silicon-based conditioning sprays

Silicon is great for hair. It has excellent conditioning and anti-frizz properties and, when used correctly, does not leave hair greasy nor weighed-down.  When you have curly hair, especially if it is fine or color-treated, you want to keep it moist but you also don’t want to weigh it down with heavy conditioning products and lots of goop.  Also, you want to have curls, but you don’t want to use products such as curling creams and gels which weigh-down hair and also make it stiff.

Lately I’ve been foregoing the use of all curling cream styling products in favor of a lighter approach.  What I’m finding is that I actually don’t need gels nor creams to induce and hold curls.  My hair, when properly cared for, has its own curl which doesn’t need to be induced.  What I need to worry about is keeping it moist, and nothing seems to be working better at this than silicon-based leave-in conditioning spray products.

Here are some new products I’ve been using:

Redken One United – image links to mfg website

Often if will be the first product I apply to my hair the morning after washing it.  I use One United judiciously.  I find that large amounts are not necessary nor desirable to use.  It is a very powerful product.

Main ingredients: Coconut oil, Amodimethicone, Polyquaternium-37


Redken Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force – image links to mfg website

Frizz Dismiss Smooth Force does exactly what it says and it does it exceptionally well.  Spraying only a small amount onto my frizzy hair is enough to produce a substantial, immediate reduction in frizz.  I like to keep a mini of this product in my purse.

Main ingredients: Cetearyl alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Behentrimonium chloride


Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner – image links to mfg website

Lately I’ve been using Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner after I cleanse my hair and it is still wet. I spray it onto the ends or else spray some into my hands and scrunch well into the ends before clipping my hair and letting it dry. Also makes a great touch-up conditioner.

Main ingredients: Quaternium-18, Amodimethicone, Polysorbate 20, Propylene Glycol


Kenra Daily Provision Leave-in Conditioner – image links to mfg website


I have to say, if I have one overall favorite conditioning spray, Daily Provision is it. It seems to be the right blend between being conditioning but not overly so. It works miracles on second-day hair that is tangled and needs to be smoothed-out and conditioned.

Main ingredients: Cetrimonium chloride, Amodimethicone, Polyquaternium-11 (Mixture of quaternized VP and Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer), Hydrolyzed Silk

KMS Moise Repair Leave-in Conditioner – image links to mfg website

Moist Repair is the product that got me started. They happened to have a special sale on it at one of my beauty supply stores and so I got it on the recommendation of one of my favorite consultants. I ended up really liking Moist Repair except for one thing: The scent is just way too irritating and intense. Aside from that, which unfortunately is a show-stopper for me since I’m basically allergic to the strong fragrance, it is a great conditioner and can work miracles on tangled, dehydrated, frizzy hair.

Main ingredients: Trisiloxane, Alcohol denatured, Panthenol, Benzophenone-4

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