What went through my head today when bicycling through the city

Today I went for a long bicycle ride through the busy city. It is a busy city, very busy. There are people everywhere. Traffic everywhere. But there are some nice places you can find too.

As I was going along, I was aware of all the traffic and the fact that I was basically in a soup of a lot of unpleasant compounds in the air which were coating my hair, my sweaty skin, my clothes, my body, and going into my lungs and circulatory system.

I thought about the pallor that city people have, that sort of pale look, with the hair that thins out. I was aware of the oxidative stress going on in my body.

And then I just thought: Well, since I’m immersed in this, I might as well make the most of it and enjoy it. I’m here right now. This is where I am. I might not be here tomorrow. Maybe I’ll live in the country or some suburb. And since I’m here, and this happens to be what I’m doing, then I might as well immerse myself in it and not feel guilt.

And that is how, in my mind, I accepted being where I was, even though I was aware that it was not pure, that it was in some ways detrimental.

But I just hoped that all the things that I can do to protect myself will be enough. I bought stuff at the farmers market before I went. I’m guessing the raspberries, cherry tomatoes, radishes, and baby carrots were helping me. When I got home I ate even more berries and then some concord grapes (also from the farmers market a few days ago). I made millet and had some steamed broccoli, green beans, and a potato with it. I put a ton of fresh garlic into the millet, as well as flax oil.

I also had a nice cup of lapsang souchong tea which I made with my special technique.

Back in my bathroom, I took off all my clothes and put it in the sink and handwashed it immediately. I took a nice shower and cleaned and conditioned my hair. I Clarisoniced my face and used a nice rosehip oil on it which I know is very healing.

Are all those things enough? I don’t know. But I am doing what I can do, and trying my best to actually sustain myself in the most real way. I feel pretty good. I had the adventure on my bicycle. I also had one yesterday as well. And of course there will be more.

I was also aware that there’s only a very thin line between civility and hostility on the roads. This is America and people despise bicyclists on the road. That very thin line is held precariously in place by the markings along the streets for bicycles which impart at least some awareness to drivers of motor vehicles that bicyclists have a right to be on the roadways.

But sadly it is not enough to really work for America. There are way too many streets that are dangerous. There is way too much hostility towards bicyclists and failure to acknowledge and respect their fair and equal use of roadways.

It is getting better, but it is not there yet and it certainly is not where it should have been a long time ago. Not yet.

The most full of life and love

organic vegan millet dish

Pictured above A typical daily dish that one can sustain oneself healthily with: Organic millet to which was added avocado, flax oil, apple cider vinegar, tamari sauce, scallion, serrano and Thai chili pepper, and a sprinkling of Atlantic dulse flakes.

Its hard to get off processed food because we’ve all been used to it being available since we were young. Getting off processed food is like going back in time. Going back before the industrial revolution. Getting back to that basic and most significant and uniquely defining human invention: the pot. Except now its 2015 and we have refrigerators and rice cookers and electric hot water kettles which are more energy efficient.

Imagine that feeling you have when you haven’t yet made this change, and you’re in your favorite natural foods store in maybe the aisle with snacks, deciding what to get. Or you’re looking at something in the section with crackers, or breads. Or even some things in the raw section which are still processed and readymade. Imagine the feeling in the bulk section with the granolas if you eat granola, or any of the other foods there such as trail mix. Ok imagine whatever of these affects you the strongest, pulls you the most.

Then take that exact feeling and now imagine you are standing in the bulk section in front of all the beans. Lima beans. Kidney beans. Chickpeas. Different kinds of lentils. Chana dal. Split peas.

That is the energy I’m talking about, the energy that I believe everyone needs to accomplish, to relinquish all the processed foods – the idea of there being anything other than fresh fruit and vegetables, and maybe the occasional dried fruit – that is instantly available to consume. Because we have a refrigerator we can also have beans which we prepared or maybe leftover grains, or else cook fresh ones.

Imagine when you’re really hungry and you open your fridge and take out some beans you cooked the day before. And you can maybe just put some oil on them, maybe some salt, maybe sprinkle some herbs and seasonings on them. That is what I’m talking about.

I used to think it was a good thing to cook one batch of beans and have them available for eating. Now I’m thinking I need two or even three types of beans cooked and ready. Because this is my life. This is what I eat. It is what sustains me. What I consume.

And of course eat lots of salad and veggies in general. And also steam veggies. I love steamed potatoes. A steamed potato – let me tell you this! – is the ultimate rescue when you’re body is over-addicted to processed foods and you’re really craving something processed. Grab a large russet or yukon gold potato and steam it and love it. It will nourish you so well. You will savor that full feeling it gives you and the total love it transmits into your body. Totally healthy, pure, and good. And just think you might have eaten something processed instead which, no matter what it was and no matter how much you might have spent for it, would not have fulfilled you and made you as happy and pure as the potato did.

And there are so many other things. There’s quinoa – different kinds. There’s millet. There’s amaranth. There’s chia seeds which I make sure to have 2-3 teaspoons every day with my oatmeal, grinding the seeds in a coffee grinder. Nowadays I use 2 teaspoons of chia plus one of basil seeds for an extra exotic kind of zing. And there is ground flaxseed which I also add.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on vast quantities of fruit so I’m not an active juicer. I don’t buy 5 lb. bulk bags of frozen fruit at discount stores to use for smoothies. But I do always try to keep at least one type of berry in my fridge. I usually get great deals on berries at my local farmer’s market. I always eat bananas. I do buy fruit smoothie/shake drinks which tend to last a long time as I usually only need a few sips per day.

Its not easy doing all of this. The world is against you. Even the natural food stores you shop at are against you in some ways. But when you connect with, when you return to this diet you will be connecting more closely with the diet of your ancestors who did not eat processed food, but with the benefit of having refrigeration and being able to eat a lot of healthy fresh produce and keeping things fresh longer, thereby cutting down on the time needed to cook every day.

This diet is the healthiest diet for human beings. It enables the body to sustain itself in the most optimal way, to maintain its vitality to the fullest. It has the lowest environmental impact.

Imagine an Earth filled with human beings all eating an optimal vegan diet. It would be a world so different from what is now. It is the world meant to be. This is the path humans were meant to fulfill, to attain. Human beings have the wisdom to know the healthiest way to live, the way that is the most full of life and love. I know that deep down in their heart every person knows this is the best way. I hope you will be inspired to follow it, to enact revolution in your life.

Check out this mind-blowing keyboard solo

At around 3’50” (3 minutes and 50 seconds) into the video:

Total off-the-scale ripping keyboard solo! 🙂

There’s also another one at 1H 00’00” (exactly on hour) in the same video above.

In the video below there’s another mind-blowing solo just after 5′ (five minutes):

No matter what else

No matter what else is going on in life, no matter how crazy things are,
I can always go running whenever I want.
I can always play my violin.
I can always attend another concert of heavenly, divine music.
I can always give thanks.

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