Some amazing new cosmetics

Dior Hydra Life BB Creme (image links to mfg website)

Its not often that I’m completely blown away by a new cosmetic product to this degree, and, for a tinting-type product (i.e. foundations and BB creams) it is even rarer. But I am amazed and blown away by Dior’s Hydra Life BB Creme which I only found out about recently when visiting my regular Dior counter and hearing from one of my long-time makeup artists about it. It turns out that it is not sold everywhere. I had to go to Sephora to get it. None of the other makeup counters at several other stores I frequent carry it.

It only comes in three shades but 002 Golden Peach turns out to be exactly the right shade/tone for my skin which is usually 021 in other Dior foundations.

I have both Dior Snow and Diorskin Nude BB Creme but find that Hydra Life BB Creme is the exceptional product with excellent pigments, coverage, texture, and luminosity. In addition, it is a moisturizing-intensive product which is exactly what I need as my skin is very prone to losing moisture which then highly detracts from its appeareance (mostly due to lack of sleep which is unfortunately a recurring issue).

Today when I used it I used one of my highly-natural serums (Nourrit from Il Fiore) and then Dior Dreamskin as a base. I also really love Dreamskin which can really improve skin texture and tone when used as a layer below tinting products.

I also happen to be really enjoying Chanel’s 2015 Holiday collection, in particular its Rouge Noir colors. It features a new addition to Chanel’s excellent gel eyeshadows:

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadow in Rouge Noir (image links to mfg website)

And also a great new eyeshadow quad:

Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quad in Signe Particulier (image links to mfg website)

The dark reddish color is very similar to one in a previous 5 Couleurs palette by Dior called House of Pinks. I find that the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre gels tend to work a little bit better than the Diorshow Fusion Mono gels which are similar but there are a couple colors in the Fusion Mono line I really love.

All in all Dior usually kicks ass when it comes to both tinting products and contouring products like bronzer/highlighters and blushes and Hydra Life BB Creme is no exception.

Finally, I almost forgot to mention one last member of the Chanel Holiday 2015 collection that is fabulous: Le Volume de Chanel eyeshadow in Rouge Noir.

Self-induced OBE

It happened again today. Does it ever happen to you ever? What? The OBE: Outer Body Experience. The way to know if you had one is when you come back. When you come back is when you realize that you weren’t there. You were somewhere else.

Where was that somewhere else? For one of the ones today that happened, it was a world of beautiful pain, wonderful suffering inflicted by eating really hot Thai chili peppers, which I got last week at the farmers market, in a quinoa dish I had for dinner.

I did not expect them to be that hot. The first bowl I had in which I also had put some Thai chili pepper was hot but not OBE hot. But the second bowl – I guess I didn’t get the amount precise enough. And so, as I was eating, then it happened.

At first you know you just ate a mouthful of something that is really, really hot. The process starts. The burning starts. I jumped up and ran into my bathroom and used the water pick dental spray thingy which I like to use often, irrigating the hell out of my mouth but of course it didn’t help. Hell no. It was too late. Its like the water jet was only spreading the hot around inside my mouth. Knowing that it wasn’t helping I stopped. And just succumbed to it.

OBE. That’s the only way to describe this kind of experience. During normal states of consciousness you’re aware of different things: Aware of where you are. Aware of the colors, textures, sounds, etc. all around you. But then in the OBE there is no such awareness. Just a beautiful, wonderful totality that is the pain, the beautiful complete pain of the hot.

After some amount of time in this state of totality finally you come back. That moment is the coolest moment. I love it right when you come back, because its like “Where on – or off – Earth was I?”

I love experiences like that. Totality experiences. I guess I’m really geared for such things. I *love* my Thai chili peppers.

What do you want from your God(s)?

There’s the concepts people have of God or Gods and there is religion and teachings about good and evil. There’s the quest to be closer to God or Gods, but I want to ask a simple question:

What do you want from your God or Gods? I mean that straightforward. Everyone who wants to be involved with God or Gods in any ways wants something from their God or Gods. So I ask: What do you want?

I ask this because, don’t you think, to be fair to your God or Gods, that you should know what you really, truly want? Otherwise aren’t you just involving your God or Gods in some kind of drama that is your own making, because you never really admitted, thought about, or fully accepted whatever it is you really want from her, him, or them?

And I don’t mean to limit any possibilities about what can be, what can be obtained or experienced with any God or Gods. Perhaps they are so wonderful, blessed, and amazing that simply abiding in their presence is everything.

I know what I personally would like from at least some of my Gods: I would like to be their friend. I would like to know them. To be with them. To experience things with them. I would even like to love them in every way possible if I can. But more than anything I would like to be their friend, just as anyone is a friend.

All I’m saying is that for me, personally, I want to feel close to my Gods. It would never be enough for me to sit in some pew before an alter on my knees praying to him or her. I would like to laugh, dance, sing; to experience the wonder, fascination, and mystery of creation with my Gods.

I would like to go to sleep at night with the brilliant golden radiance still glowing within me and wake up each day looking forward to the next adventure or experience.


When you stand up for your own sanctity, you stand up for the world.

If you’re just a brainwashed drone who doesn’t even know who they are anymore or how to find truth, then its hopeless. Maybe when they put you in the meat grinder you will finally realize and decide its time to change.

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