Its Vitamin D Season!

Pretty much anywhere you live in the Northern Hemisphere right now the weather is decent. The Sun even at midday is not too hot. This is prime season for getting some serious sunlight on your skin! Get outside and spend some happy time outdoors if you can. This time of year you don’t have to worry too much about getting Sun. I was out at mid-day and the Sun felt great. Your limits may vary but for me 30-45 minutes or so was no problem whatsoever and felt great.

My Philosophy About Running

I thought I would take this opportunity to chime in regarding my observations and thoughts regarding running – specifically, outdoor running through the city. Running outdoors through a city, where one potentially encounters many people who are also out, is different than, say, running on a treadmill in a gym, or running on a secluded dirt trail somewhere.

One therefore might want to take different things into consideration when running outdoors through a city. For example, since one is going to be visible, more thought might be given to how one presents oneself to others. While it might not be an issue if you have a slightly hanging out gut, look disheveled, or otherwise appear in a manner which might affect others, one can take that into consideration. Especially in a city where there is a high likelihood that some of the people one might encounter or pass are models, actors or actresses, etc.

We all know the extent to which models such as those for Victoria’s Secret keep their bodies fit and in shape, by having calorie-restricted diets and high levels of fitness activity all the time. So, if you go out running looking like a slob, people are bound to look and perhaps think “What a slob!” or “How disgusting!” or perhaps just laugh or mock.

It is with all these considerations in mind that I would like to chime in with my particular take on it all, and what it means to really be a runner. In short, here is my philosophy:


And that, my readers, is really it. Because that is all there is to it. Either you get out, you hit your feet on the pavement and run, or you do not. Running is about connecting with Earth, connecting with your body, and for me at least also connecting in a major way with Divinity. Running is a sacred communion which our poor aching Earth would benefit from many, many more humans partaking of.

And run however you want. I personally enjoy wearing as little clothing as necessary (read: short tights and sports bra) when I run because it feels good. Perhaps I’m feeling bloated or whatever before I go running. It doesn’t matter. Running should be about total acceptance.

Maybe there are weird people who cannot accept people running based on their appearance. That is really, truly sad for them. And people who think there has to be some kind of standard of beauty or whatever – that is just ridiculous. All I can say is that not running, not connecting with Earth, not engaging in sacred communion is ugly.

The wisdom of Uncle Pom

Uncle Pom: Sheeta, I must tell you something.

Sheeta: Yes? What is it?

Uncle Pom: That crystal is extremely powerful, but with a power that rightfully belongs to the Earth from which it came. To forget that and then to try to use the crystal’s power for selfish reasons will bring great unhappiness. Do you understand?

Sheeta: Yes.

Uncle Pom: Your crystal should remind us that we come from the Earth, and to the Earth we must return.

From Castle in the Sky 35’05”

Fake Service and Companion Dogs

In California now there is a law that forces landlords in residential units which have a no pets policy to accept tenants pets when they are either service or, much more dubiously, companion dogs. Everyone I’m sure knows what service dogs are and they are very essential for people who actually require them. No arguments there. But then, when one goes into a mall and sees some asswipe losers who clearly are not disabled, with their dogs accompanying them, one realizes how screwed up things are.

I even saw one person’s pitbull literally pawing the counter at a Starbucks in the mall. The store is on the sub-level food-court area of a mall downtown, immediately adjacent to the entrance to the underground subway terminal, where they apparently had been able to take their dog on public transit because it had a tag. Anyone can now get these tags.

And I now routinely see people with their pitbulls and tatoos all over their arms walking right through stores like Nordstrom and other places.

In my own apartment building, there are now multiple tenants with “companion” dogs which clearly are just their pets. The one that is near my unit I hear barking every day.

You can go online and find step-by-step instructions on how to abuse the law, lie, and get a doctor to sign off for a companion dog:

Get a Doctor’s Letter

In order to prove that a dog is a service or support animal, you may be asked to have documentation from a licensed professional (doctor, nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, other mental-health professional or social worker) stating that the animal is an essential part of treatment for a disability. A doctor’s letter must have two essential components.
1. It must state that you have a disability. The disability does not need to be identified.
2. It must state that it is the professional opinion of the provider that is it essential for you to have a service/support animal.

Regardless of whether you are asked to show a doctors letter, it is very helpful to have one on file just in case. (Click for Sample Doctor’s Letter.)

source: Getting a Doctor’s Letter – Sample Doctor’s Letter

There are all kinds of things that people can find to provide them with positive support, if that is what they truly need, without forcing places to accept animals on their premises.

More info: Frustrated by Fake Service Dogs

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