Its so amazing

Switching my diet, the best I can – and I understand that it can be difficult for anyone – but switching my diet to my fullest ability to eat only things I cook myself, to really eat a wholesome, sattvic diet of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. And staying off immediate foods.

We live in a world and almost everyone has grown up being able to just eat instant foods. The original instant foods were things that people picked, harvested, or caught. If caught it would more than likely have been seafood even though I don’t eat seafood except on very rare occasions.

Last night I was so hungry and had no instant foods to grab. I had to steam a large Yukon potato and it was simply so amazing. I was still hungry afterwards and so I had to make a pot of organic millet, which I then seasoned with flax oil, some salad sprinkle stuff made from sprouted seeds, tamari sauce, and seaweed. It was so good. So much better than any instant food.

But to eat this way well I think you kind of have to be a home body, something I guess I’m lucky to be able to be doing with my lifestyle. Because I love being home. I love cooking. I love eating the most wholesome, blessed meals on the planet.

And there are all these other things that go with being home: I love playing music and just being in artistic, creative spaces. Its like a different way of living. I love being able to live this way, to live the way I want, at my speed.

I guess to me this is kind of the essence of what being a hippie was about. Kind of like this Saraswati wholesome artistic home energy fueled by the hearth and good, wholesome food.

If I make any move from this position, I want it to be for a positive reason. I do not want to relinquish any of the richness that I enjoy as my right to be a healthy, happy human for the sake of anything else. I only want things that step up from this point, that maintain my wholesome energy, that increase.

Yet it is perilous. All around there are precipices waiting to be fallen off of, things to be tripped over, mistakes to repeat because I didn’t take a lesson seriously enough, didn’t take myself seriously enough and had to shortchange myself yet again to learn how beautiful, sensitive, and worth protecting and preserving I am.

One thing I am finding on this course of life: There is an intensity that is an essential part of everything. Initially it was just sort of incidental. Things seemed more intense. Intense highs, feelings of bliss and goodness were more intense. Aesthetic things were more deep and enjoyable.

But this intensity is becoming essential to who I am and how I want to live, to the very values that express the foundation of my life. This intensity is the basis of all that I want to achieve.

Small update on some of the new Chanel eyeshadow quads

Its been about a year since Chanel came out with their new eyeshadow quad line called Les 4 Ombres, all of which are named “Tisse something“, which if I’m translating correctly means “Woven …”. For example Tisse Venitien, which is sort of the flagship quad which was featured in prominent advertising, means Woven Venice.

My first acquisition in this line of eyeshadows in fact was not Tisse Venitien, but rather Tisse Gabrielle. I really like Tisse Gabrielle. It is definitely one of my go-to eyeshadow palettes.

Tisse Gabrielle

Its possible to just use only two colors from this quad, such as the lower right darkest shade for the outer corners of the eyelids, swept inwards, and either of the two medium-tone shades along the crease, upper, central, and/or inner lid. The lightest color is nice to use on the inner corners of the eyes, but to me seems a little bright for the browbone although sometimes one may want that lightening effect.

These colors blend well and last extremely well, with the pigment remaining intense for a long time.

My next acquisition was Tisse Venetien, the flagship quad with the now almost famous blue color which featured on the model on many billboards and advertisements.

Tisse Venitien

This is another excellent palette with excellent colors that blend well and last well. However I find that the intense blue look on the model’s eyelids a bit too much. I prefer a more subtle look in keeping the the Chanel eyes thing.

Recently I further acquired Tisse Vendome which has that remarkable coral type shade on the lower left which appealed to me so much:

Tisse Vendome

Unfortunately Tisse Vendome did not get a lot of favorable reviews although I happen to really love it. The thing is that the colors are not intense. The pigments are actually excellent and very high, quality, but the colors are just not very strong by design. And for the same reason that many seemed to not like it, it is why I actually really like it.

When you look at the colors, especially the coral color, you cannot expect it to look that way on the eyelid. Eyelids are a sort of dark pinkish color and reddish tones simply do not take to them that well. If you really wanted an intense reddish tone on your eyelids you would probably have to use a base of something like an intense silver that would pick up the color applied on top of it an add luminosity.

But the point of the coral shade is not to look the way it does in the palate, but to add that subtle hue to the eyelid that just offsets the irises (in my case which are blue).

I love the subtlety of this palette. To me this is quintessential Chanel at its best. An understatement that is more intense than an overstatement. A presence that is remarkable not for being overly striking as for a more quiet intensity. My main reason for writing this post was to express my liking for Tisse Vendome and that subtle, intense Chanel eye look it imparts.

Again, you could easily just take two colors from this palette and have an excellent effect, or get creative and work with three or even all four.

For me, eyeshadow is not to be considered in a vacuum but in conjunction with eyeliner, and here is where I like to line the upper eyelids along the waterline with Chanel’s stylo eyeliner in black. Black is always going to be quintessential eyeliner by design, although I only very rarely line the outer lash line with it: Only the inner line, the so-called water line.

Other tone eyeliners are like accent colors that I may use instead of brushing on an eyeliner, for the upper lashline and lower lashline. But I often actually prefer to use a flat eye detail brush and apply shadow as liner which has a more subtle effect.

And finally, for a change I also got one of the newest additions to the Les 4 Ombres line, Mystic Eyes:

Mystic Eyes

As you can see, I’m really getting into my earth tones. This is another excellent palette which I love.

Today I was also at a Chanel counter and had a chance to try one of the new limited edition palettes: Tisse D’Automne. I was immediately shocked when applying it because the pigments are strong. Very strong. I don’t know if this was Chanel attempting to appease people criticizing their eyeshadows for not being strong enough, but I found it was a bit overwhelming.

I could see perhaps using one of the colors from the palette mixed with some other colors if I was doing something special. But I think my picks so far have been good and I’m happy with my collection.

Hey! The new thing for the city!

Hi! Guess what the new, super-in thing is in the city? You’ll never guess. Ok, maybe you will:


Yes! Hate healthy people. If you see some person outdoors doing something like running, or even just existing outdoors while wearing running clothes – hate them! Yes! Go for it!

What’s one way that you can spew onto these intolerable people? Deliberately blow your cigarette smoke at them when they pass. It will make them sick!

Along with #hateHealthyPeople there are some cool subcategories as well:


Yes! If you’re a hateful yuppie bigot and see a person running, do your best to intimidate them. If they happen to be running in the road down a super-steep hill in an otherwise completely empty road, and you happen to drive your SUV by, make sure that you only miss them by a few inches! Show them their place! Exercise your power!

And make sure you honk your horn at every opportunity, like when they run through an intersection. And of course keep up the perverted stares and the resentful evil-eyes because they look healthy, strong, and happy and happen to be wearing only a sports bra which is so against your morality standard (or is it immorality standard?)!

And yes! We all know how you little, old chinese ladies despise a woman – especially a white, American woman, from showing her abdomen. And – Oh My Gosh – are those the imprints of her nipples you can see poking into the sports bra?! Time to have an apoplectic fit!

Those stupid Americans! Who do they think they are running through the city?!

And, last but not least, we cannot finish this post without mention of the old, tried-and-true category that has been in for so long now:


Yes! If someone commits the appalling atrocity of riding their bicycle in the city, immediate hate and resent them. Who do they think they are, the entitled snobs on their bicycles!

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

beneits of quitting smoking

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