Digging through my kitchen at 02:30 a.m. looking for ashwagandha

I am on the mailing list for Garden of Life and it was mentioned in a mail recently. It was late. I have been experiencing some of the most extreme stress I’ve ever experienced in my life. I haven’t been able to sleep well. Waking up in the morning feeling sick in the pit of my stomach and unable to do anything.

I thought of ashwagandha late last night and, digging through my kitchen, looking among the many different glass jars, containers, and bags of herbs, I couldn’t find it. I was certain I had it somewhere. I remember seeing it. I know I had it.

But where was it? I could not find it anywhere. I finally gave up and thought that perhaps I had to throw it away for some reason. Maybe I spilled something on the bag or something.

But then, still not convinced that I didn’t have it, I looked again and, there it was in this odd, hexagonal-shaped glass jar which probably had originally had some kind of exotic jam in it or something. It was unmarked, but I knew it was ashwagandha, this herb I had previously bought, put in this jar, and left on my stove but had never really, properly been introduced to.

I went into my utensil drawer and found a little plastic micro scoop and proceeded to put one scoopful, about a thimble size, into my mouth. The dry powder made me cough. I had one more. The taste – I had only recently read to some surprise that ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen – the taste tasted like an adaptogen to me. I reminds me of ginseng and eleuthero, only more mild. But definitely similar.

This morning when I awoke I did not have that same horrible feeling. I took more ashwagandha today and it has made me really sleepy. I have not felt this kind of sleepiness in a really long time and, even though it’s kind of making it difficult for me to study, I fully and completely welcome it. Feeling tired! Wow! It’s so amazing! I love it!

Finally, finally my body kicked out of this high gear where I was just grinding myself down.

I have had insomnia going back for years. I can’t even start to speculate now how, if, or to what extent ashwagandha may finally be a tool to help me, but already I can say I need it. I just have to remember not to take too much during the day.

Just as with other adaptogens I am noticing immune-modulating effects. I’m very tuned in to my body’s immune system. One reason I rarely if ever use eleuthero is that it is simply too powerful, it turns down my immune system too far (the extract I have is really high strength and even small amounts have a big effect).

Time to take some extra zinc and mouthwash to keep my immune system happy.

Hello ashwagandha. Nice to meet you. I didn’t know you were in the solanaceae family. I like you. I hope you help me! I bow to you in reverence.

I should go to Nepal :-)

I recalculated my placement on the Global Fat Scale again as I’ve continued to lose weight and as of yesterday reached a weight that is less than when I was 16, which is the age when I reached my full adult height.

I feel fine. I actually like not being as hungry as I used to be. I don’t need to scarf down a lot of food to satisfy a heavy appetite. I’m happy to just have mostly little, light yet very nutritious and healthy snacks and usually one or two more main meals per day.

So according to my weight I now place on the Global Fat Scale as most like a female in my age group in Nepal, which is the third lowest country in the scale.

Maybe I would be happier living in a place like Nepal. It might be nice to radically change things and live a different way. Maybe I should continue my computer science studies a little while longer however so that I would have a good skill to potentially earn money working on my own or working remotely in Nepal.

If I could get programming or administration gigs and lived in Nepal and didn’t require a lot of income, that would be excellent. I really only want to have the basics I need to survive and be able to spend my life in quality time connected as deeply as possible.

There are a lot of things I cannot change about the world. I cannot change people being evil. I cannot change society from being sick and unjust. I cannot stop persecution and abuse.

But I can practice wisdom and self-discipline.

I feel as if I’ve transcended this body already. Not just this body, but bodies in general. I inhabit a body now and may or may not later, but it isn’t important anymore to me. If this body perishes then it does. I do not need to cling to it nor any body any more. I know my home, I recognize the light. The light guides me and I follow.

If they persecute this body and choose to inflict harm upon it, I can choose another life if I want, or not. I am not this body. Who I really am cannot be harmed by any material object.

Max heart rate

After my previous post about the event the other day in which my heart got “maxed out” while bicycling exuberantly after caffeine intake, I have still been looking into this.

I find this issue very interesting because it has to do with the way the human body is designed. What actually happens in the body when one engages in an activity that is so vigorous that the heart reaches its maximum limit?

It actually seems like there really isn’t a lot of research on this. There’s a huge amount of research on all types of disorders and conditions from people who don’t take care of themselves, eat poor diets, have messed up arteries, etc.

But what about extremely healthy people who are athletes? Personally I find this far more interesting that what is happening with all these sick people, although of course all the money that is to be made in the medical industry is made from the sick people, not the healthy ones.

Here are a few more articles I found about maximum heart rate:

doctorslounge.com: Question: Reaching Max Heart Rate during exercise – Dangerous?

livestrong.com: What Happens If You Exceed Your Maximum Heart Rate During Exercise?

exercise.com: What is a safe upper limit for heart rate during exercise?

healthtap.com: Top 10 Doctor insights on: Dangerous Heart Rate Levels

wikipedia.org: vagal tone

duckduckgo.com search: maximum heart rate danger

Ok so the bottom line seems to be that I don’t think its particularly bad to hit max heart rate. However because I haven’t been working out as regularly as I used to I’ve probably lost some vagal tone as its called meaning the way my body regulates my pulse during high exertion is less optimal than before.

It’s really interesting in an objective sort of way when the heart hits its maximum limit. It’s interesting to observe how the body has a limit built into it, tolerances which it cannot exceed by design.

Also interesting is that certain things like regular exercise and possibly meditation can increase vagal tone.

A special secret

image links to mfg website

image links to mfg website

If you use this wonderful, amazing oil there is a special secret to it! I discovered this a while back and I’m still blown away by it every time I use this oil.

If you get this oil and use it on your food (I use it not just on salad but love it on rice and other things as well) you will of course enjoy it a lot. I has an excellent flavor and is so healthy for you. I find it especially complements brown rice.

But there’s a secret about it! At the bottom of every bottle the flaxseed solids congeal into a hard mass which unfortunately doesn’t really get mixed in with the oil even you if shake it very hard. You have to use an object – I recommend using a disposable wooden chopstick since the solid mass can be hard enough that it might break a good chopstick.

Take the cap off the bottle and put the chopstick all the way into the bottle and move it around and you’ll notice the congealed flaxseed solids at the bottom. Move the stick around to break up the solids really well. Put the cap back on and shake the bottle really well.

Now take the cap back off – because you don’t want the narrow nozzle on the cap to restrict the flow of the solids – and pour some onto your food. You’ll notice the really dark color of the flaxseed solids. The flavor of of it is, to me, absolutely blissful. Flaxseed is truly a gift from God, a form of abundance that we humans have been blessed with. Its like the universe saying “I love you!”.

So if you use flaxseed oil, don’t just throw the bottle away when you think it’s finished. Use a chopstick and make sure that you’re not throwing away the precious flaxseed solid at the bottom of the bottle. You can even pour some oil from the top of a new bottle into an old one prior to stirring up the flaxseed solids with a chopstick to make sure you get every last precious bit.

Flaxseed solids. Love it!

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